Already you have decided: you know the time and day, but you are afraid that the first meeting can become a fiasco. Nothing is simpler. That man may disappoint you, but we, escorts, advise you not to feel discouraged. You have a secret advantage: you can turn a banal evening at a Birmingham restaurant into a memorable one if you follow a few simple tips and feel relaxed at all times.

The first meeting with him, the one you imagined as the alpha male, is not easy not even for experienced escorts. It wasn’t for anyone. Beyond the dress you choose or the colour in which you paint your nails, the experience of the first date in Birmingham can help you figure out if this man is right for your preferences. Remove your emotions, take the sexiest dress and believe in who you are. The rest are just general rules, worthy of being followed for any true woman, who knows that love equations are not solved by the simple three-rule method.

Be selective when choosing men: one of the biggest common mistakes of the first dating is undoubtedly due to the smaller number of men on the planet. Even though, as a percentage, men populate the earth less than women, women should not decide to meet the first available man in Birmingham. These women should be more selective. For example, top escorts are careful, and yet we meet a lot of men. So choose carefully before deciding to say your phone number to any man. Look for a man who is worth your effort and only when you are convinced that he could be the one, accept the invitation.

All gentlemen know that women need more time to prepare for a date. However, it is not as pleasant for them to wait too long. So, when you first meet him, show him respect and don’t let him wait more than 10 minutes. He will appreciate you more than you think if you will arrive at the time decided before. All escorts booked from Fantasy Birmingham Agency always come when they have promised, which is why the clients appreciate us very much. This principle is a secret to any first date, a gesture that many women forget.

Dress decently and tastefully: it is very accurate that you must impress him with something when he first sees you, but do not rely solely on the clothes you wear or on the makeup. Even escorts do not exaggerate in the choice of dress, regardless of the location in Birmingham where they will meet their client. The rule of simplicity and common sense saves you from sending erroneous messages to your partner and guarantees that his eyes will retain the colour of your iris and not the shape of the cut in the neckline. So choose an outfit that will not move the centre of interest from your face to the generous neckline. Stay beautiful and natural, without exaggerating. Nothing is sexier than a woman who feels good in her natural skin!

Reveal yourself as you are, without too many tweaks of behaviour or censorship. Nothing is more disturbing than falsehood. Trust what you can do and support your ideas with explicit arguments. We follow the same strategies: if the escorts did not proceed this way, their service would be challenging and tiring both for these companions and for their clients from Birmingham or other cities. So dare to be you and show him that, first of all, you are the one who believes in you. In this way, it will be much easier for him to follow your advice and consider you a strong and determined person.

Choose a quiet place to meet him: do not consume your first date with him in a movie theatre, noisy bar or club in Birmingham with many decibels in the air. You have every chance to miss the most exciting part of the whole story of a first date: the conversation. Make sure you have dinner together, take a walk or whisper in a restaurant where nothing can distract you. In this way, you will have some stories to tell your friends about an evening when you had time to listen and be listened to.

Avoid sitting next to him at a table or being too close to him, in physical centimetres. Stay in front of him at the table, in the restaurant, and you’ll have a much better overall picture. This strategy is an essential tip from experienced escorts, do not consider it less critical: you will be able to study his attire and gestures to see how he speaks and what expressions he has during your discussions. You will retain his smile much more comfortable, and you will be able to focus much more on the topics of debate than when the temptation to touch is greater.

Test it: if you still have the chance to find out more, why not take advantage? Initiate exciting discussions with him, causing him to respond quickly. Play with words, see how he reacts. An intelligent man will immediately feel the challenge in you and know precisely when to give you justice and when to contradict you. Don’t forget: just because he doesn’t agree with some of your principles doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve the chance to become your boyfriend. Do you think Birmingham escorts only meet clients with the same principles of life? Usually, we have different options than clients; otherwise, it would be boring.

Be ready, psychologically. Not all men are perfect: even if he is tall with blue eyes or a bright smile, you must know that no one is perfect and never will be. Be prepared not to be surprised if he forgets to open your door when you get out of the car. Try to notice this lack of good manners and turn them into funny memories. Give up comparing his qualities and flaws and try to enjoy his company as much as possible.

Escorts in Birmingham or other cities are very discreet: therefore, we recommend that you avoid telling him everything about yourself. Try not to overwhelm him with a storm of information about your passions, about your future dreams and how many children you want to have. You discuss, instead, general things, concepts and ideas of life, create imaginary situations to understand better how he sees things. Open his appetite for curiosity and do not feed him to saturation with such details from the first date. If he is interested in finding out something particular about you, he will surely ask you.

Study his behaviour: the smallest gestures always make the difference, especially between people who see themselves for the first time. Any gesture, any look or reflex is precious when you want to meet a man. Follow her reactions when she speaks to you when she sits at the table when she is driving or smiling. All are indications of the way they relate to you, of their status in your company, of their interest in you. Of course, you don’t have to be a James Bond or a mentalist, but at least behave as the escorts do: they only offer minimal information about them on the first date. If all goes well, there will be more meetings, and you will have the chance to get to know each other much better.

Let him pay for dinner: make him understand that you are an independent woman and that you have the money to pay for dinner at a restaurant in Birmingham, but let him do it if he so proposes, at the first date. Even if it may not be easy for you, make a compromise. It will make him feel appreciated and influential. Money has always been the preserve of masculinity. Eventually, you can propose to them to pay half-half.