In a big city like Birmingham, there are various escort agencies. At first glance, all these companies seem to offer the same services: with their help, you can arrange a date with a beautiful and open-minded woman. So you start to see galleries with ladies presented on various websites. You found a girl you like and then you’re stuck.

There are multiple questions in your mind. How much I must donate for a date? Will the donation be higher than the one displayed? Will my private life be affected? How honest is the agency or that girl? Will the services be professional?

It’s true: if you’re a beginner customer and it’s the first time you book such an escort in Birmingham or another city, this experience may be daunting. It is even possible to abandon the idea if the agency does not clearly and firmly explain the list of donations and booking FAQ. However, if you follow our advice, you will be able to reserve a lady even through a less transparent agency.

Of course, if you do not want to risk anything, choose a team with expertise and fame, like our decent Fantasy Escorts team or another top Birmingham agency. In this way, you will avoid many common problems in this industry, and your experience will be a positive and satisfying one. So if you want to feel safe and confident that you will enjoy the best time, follow our tips below.

You always have to be patient. If an agency is excellent, it is automatically busy. That’s why it’s possible that a certain escort is not available at any given time. You do not choose to move to the next agency. It’s not good to give up quality and confidence because of the impatience; you’d better wait a few more hours.

Do not choose the lowest donation amount. If an agency has donations 30-40% lower than the average of Birmingham escort market, something smells there. Or there are hidden taxes, or the cost is real, but the experience will be disastrous. In fact, you can try, it’s your money after all, but you’ll see that your money will be poorly spent.

Always check reviews. An escort with a solid reputation, except for a new lady at that agency, will have some feedbacks posted by other clients. It is true that not all customers post opinions on a girl’s profile, but a maximum of 3% of them. But if a girl already has a few months in an agency and has no positive feedback, it should be a question mark for you.

A company that offers excellent services will also provide more contact and booking options, both during work hours and in pause times. For example, Fantasy Birmingham team offers multi-phone contact options, multiple receptionists, chat and contact forms. An agency with very few ways to approach does not offer confidence. Of course, our advice is to use these ways of contacting and asking questions about that escort. If you do not get a response within 12 hours, it’s simply a clear proof that the agency does not respect its clients.

Many beginners believe that when they call, some escorts will answer. This idea is only valid for organisations with 2-5 ladies who cannot hire at least one receptionist. A Top 5 company always has at least two or three receptionists, so you’ll get an answer from an employee who just has the role of providing more details about the availability of a girl. This employee will ask for more information about the locations you choose for the meeting, so be prepared to provide this information practically.

There is no problem if you provide this information to a trusting agency like Fantasy. But in the case of other small organisations, it is better to choose a hotel room, because not all these little companies delete the customer information after the girl has returned safely to the agency.

Do not choose businesses that show suspicious photos: all girls look better than cinema stars. Surely something is wrong, and the photos are processed in photo editing software. Perhaps better choose an agency that also shows real girls videos. If a photo is easy to improve, the professional change of a video costs tens of thousands of pounds and no Birmingham agency can afford such special effects.

One last tip: no matter what company you choose, it is good to reserve in advance. It’s very little chance to find the exact escort you want in the next few minutes. You will be disappointed, and you will choose the first agency you find on the Internet, risking everything we said above.

If our advice is useful, we are glad to share with you our expertise. We hope you will overcome the excitement of your first booking and become a happy and loyal customer of your favourite agency!