Many men who book escorts in Birmingham or other cities in the West Midlands are not familiar with the rules of the game or simply do not want to follow the necessary etiquette. Therefore, in the following, we invite you to read about some rules that must be agreed to by all clients when booking a lady. Why are such tips needed? Your time with a female companion should be enjoyable and rewarding in every way. But nothing can be fun if it is not enjoyable for both partners. So the clients have to follow some rules when they book the accompanying services because this way, the environment will be pleasant and both people will feel good. This tactic results in maximum satisfaction for everyone.

1. The first rule, which should be followed by those who book a female escort, is how you contact the lady or agency. This advice will help you enjoy the kind of experience you have been looking for. When talking to a professional worker, the way you talk is essential. If you speak to the girl or the receptionist in a rude or dirty way, most likely the discussion and the call will end, and you will not enjoy the services. Besides, remember that these are just services. When you call a Birmingham pizzeria to order something yummy, you certainly don’t insult the workers there, because you won’t get your pizza slice. So, to receive services, do not use offensive statements. No one is better than another, even if some people think that other people are in a lower category. On the contrary, in that lower category are those who use a rude language. It would not be right to enter that category, and we are convinced that you are not in that category, although some customers, it is true that few, forget this aspect. Otherwise, you will end up on the list of blocked callers.

2. Rule number two: it is good to know from the beginning what you want. That is why you should send a text message with a well-written request, stating relevant and correct details about the place, date, time and duration of the date. If you only send a word like “Hello!” or “You’re free now?” is not enough for the Birmingham escort agency or a girl to understand what you want. People have no telepathic or paranormal abilities. They will have to ask you a lot of time-consuming questions for both you and the agency. Many ladies appreciate men with style, but also with enough intelligence to express themselves practically. The first impression is significant if you want to impress and thus get better services.

3. The last rule, but not the last one, in the communication during the phone call or the chat with the Birmingham agency or escort, is to confirm if you agree with the reservation made after you have found out the last donation, and any small travel fees. So, be a gentleman. The manners will help you not only for the moment but also in your future collaboration with the agency or with that girl.

If all is well, take a shower, dress nicely, air your room and be ready on time. Refrain from drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, do not consume prohibited substances. And more than that, follow what you promised. No one likes to waste time: when the lady arrives at the mentioned address, the client must open the door and invite the girl into the house or hotel room. Plus, don’t be shy. These girls will come to you to give you the most beautiful moments, not to evaluate you. One last tip: do not ask questions about her family, religion, personal phone number, occupation or financial status. After the meeting, be discreet.