Below we will exemplify 3 advertising mistakes of escorts from Birmingham and other cities.

The first important mistake is to place only free ads on almost unknown sites in your city or area. Free ads may seem like a great opportunity for girls who work independently and want to save money. Everyone would like to eliminate costs, but few think about the negative side effects that a free ad generates in the long run. What’s worse is that sometimes unpopular websites that accept free ads submit ads to each other, and this causes you to lose control of your ad. It will no longer be possible to modify it, suspend it, update it, delete it. The free ad is spreading on the web, and it becomes almost impossible to block and delete it from all sites in case of need, and the need to delete it happens more often than you can imagine. Moreover, unpopular sites hosting free ads rarely offer email or phone numbers to contact an operator or manager. Even if you manage to delete the ad from a site, all other ads on other websites remain active. The large number of ads hosted by these websites drastically reduces your ad views, especially if you work as a female escort in big cities like Birmingham. So why would you post an almost invisible ad? Even though the ad was visible, it mingled with thousands of other ads.

Another common mistake is to place the ad for only a few days, thinking about saving and considering changing the city every weekend. These escorts forget or don’t know that an ad needs time to be indexed by search engines. One week is not enough time. Short-term ads, whether free or paid, don’t work as well as a long-term ad. Besides, short-term ads cost much more in terms of price/day than long-form ads. Many girls do not know that placing long-term ads for at least a month will actually save them money, and the ad will be better indexed. A well-indexed and positioned ad brings potential customers directly from Google, not just from the site where the ad is posted. If the girl moves from one city to another, for example from Birmingham to Coventry (a fairly common practice), it is unnecessary to create a new ad or re-upload the photos, but change the ad’s city.

Another mistake is to place your ad only on viral escort sites, with many advertisers, believing that a lot of traffic brings many reservations in Birmingham or another city. Nothing can be more wrong than choosing only the most expensive premium ads offered by the most prestigious sites. It’s the dilution law because many visitors to a site with a lot of ads mean little chance of being noticed. If a site has 10,000 visitors a day and there are 10,000 ads on the site, it will be challenging for those visitors to see your escort ad and even more difficult for them to contact you. Too much competition brings zero results. You would be unnoticed on these crowded sites even if you paid to place your ad on the first page. Better to place more affordable ads on sites with 3000 visitors per day, but with only 200-500 active ads.