These are answers to frequently asked questions about our escorts in Birmingham, The Midlands and elsewhere in the UK. Before calling for questions about these candy girls on this website or about booking procedure, we recommend you read this information.

1. Last minute booking? – We offer both the opportunity to book ladies in advance and to book girls at the last minute. The first method is the most advisable because this provides a greater variety of candy girls. We keep a stock of candy for those who have decided later so that you can have fun anyway.

2. Where? – You choose the dating place. For example, you can select a restaurant, a hotel room or your home. Important is that the preferred place to be clean and safe for these escorts. It is better to tell us precisely the address. In this way, the girl will arrive faster to you.

3. How many hours? – You can book for 1 hour, 90 minutes, 3 hours, 5 hours or 10 hours. In our offer page, you will find all these packages. You decide to choose how many hours you want to meet a girl. You can even extend the initial period, if you call us during the date, as soon as possible.

4. Disabled customers? – Even if you have a physical disability should not worry, our girls are not only sweet candy but also loving women who know how to behave in any situation. You will be treated with love, like any other customer, because we believe that every gentleman should have fun.

5. Donation methods? – Your donation is made in cash. We do not accept Bitcoins; we can not accept gifts. Our receptionist will communicate your donation method. In most case, you can choose. The donation is made before the start of services.

6. Travel expenses? – For customers who live near our headquarters in Birmingham or the surrounding areas, there is no charge for travel. But for customers who live a long way from our offices, may be required to make a donation for travel expenses. We will inform you accurately, before confirming the booking.

7. Negotiable donations? – All the girls have fixed prices for their time. We have already negotiated in your favour to make the lowest donations for these beautiful elite escorts. Even if prices are not negotiable, we offer various packages, with very attractive discounts. See the Offers page of our agency.

8. Special requests ?” – We are a flexible agency, so we try to satisfy all special requests and fulfil all customer desires. You need girls to a party with friends or a business meeting? Want to enjoy a dinner date? We are at your disposal as long as the request is legal and is accepted by the escort.

9. I am shy – No need to be nervous, these sweet girls know how to make you feel relaxed from the first minute, even if this is the first time you book an escort. Their role is to make you feel good; you do not have anything to prove. It’s enough to want to have fun, no point in being shy.

10. Dinner date? – Sometimes you need to go to a restaurant with a beautiful girl on your arm. But it is hard to find such a stylish woman in a short time. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to book for three hours one of these beautiful girls for a romantic dinner, even at home.

Other questions – There are many questions, and maybe you need more answers. If the solutions above are not suitable for your question about these Candy escorts, we invite you to call one of the numbers in the header of our website. Our receptionist will give you the right answers.