Since we have received many suggestions from various clients who have advised that the chance to win the prize is minuscule ( even if we give prizes to TWO randomly winners ), we have decided that this is the last draw. In the future, we will not hold such random drawings with prizes, but we will offer other exciting surprises ( for example vouchers with significant savings ) that would be useful not only for two lucky premium members but all premium customers.

Also, on 22 January 2017, more than 500 unconfirmed premium members have been deleted. Automated bots created most of these premium accounts, or multiple accounts have been set up by the same person ( READ MORE HERE).

Winners for January 31, 2017, were chosen by chance ( via ) from 248 participants: 2 prizes x 1 free hour!

The Winners:

berd: 1 free hour with an escort from our agency.
davedalek: 1 free hour with an escort from our agency.

We sent e-mail messages to the winners. In these emails, winners are notified about the prize. We ask winners to contact us to book one free hour with an escort (winners will choose the Fantasy escort).

Below is the video of the winner’s choice by Press Play.


Thank you for participating in withdrawals from October, November, December and January, because you are always a great client of the Fantasy agency!

UPDATE: The two winners have contacted us and have enjoyed their prizes, congratulations!