Whether an escort is in Pisces, Taurus or Cancer, you can trace the “tastes” and the girl’s passion, researching what astrologers say. Here you will find the characteristics of these girls, according to her sign.


Feminine and beautiful, the Taurus< women is a kind of Barbie. She is wild in the bedroom, she's not shy and follows the instincts. Work your pectorals well if you want to be her partner. Sexy secret: He likes to kiss the partner everywhere. Gemini

Very conscious of her femininity, Gemini escort has a rich imagination and is full of energy. Perhaps she will propose to play roles. Sexy secret: She loves to be dominant in the bedroom.


She is looking for true gentlemen who protects her. Has an insatiable sexual appetite and is always receptive to any proposals. Sexy secret: She did not say no, you’d better propose them what you like. You will have a pleasant surprise.


Energetic and passionate, fierce and wild in the bedroom, she loves battles for supremacy. You’ll have to provide double pleasure, or you will not get rid of the bedroom. Sexy secret: She likes to feel maximum pleasure several times.


An escort born in Virgo sign treats the partner as her master. She has a fixation with hygiene so you can always propose a shower together. Sexy secret: She likes to be dominated.


This girl is unconventional in relationships, looking for adventures with no commitment. She does not believe in the supremacy of the man in the bedroom and does everything possible to prove it. She gives pleasure but also wants to be satisfied. Sexy secret: she prefers love games that offer equality of sexes, and both partners benefit from comfort.


It seems that this type of woman invented the term “hard to satisfy.” But men who reach this performance will be happy. In these cases, she will give you maximum satisfaction. Sexy secret: She likes “fast and furious” everywhere except in bed.


This escort loves charismatic men with potential for success, with an impressive career and with leadership qualities. She is generous and enthusiastic in bed. Sexy secret: She loves to try any erotic experience.


She is never involved in a relationship without seeking spiritual connections and appreciates gentlemen. Sexy secret: If you treat this escort with tenderness, she will fulfil all your fantasies.


She is the biggest fan of her partner and behaves like cheerleaders, encouraging your every move. She is cheerful and optimistic in any situation. For her, sex is a pure physical pleasure. Sexy secret: She likes quick sex.


This escort is a paradox, virtue and vice in the same package. The girl insists on being treated like a princess in bed, but she likes to live new and obscene experiences. Sexy secret: Do not ask for consent, offer unique pleasures without asking.