When is the right time to tell your partner that you are a female escort: on the first date, on the second, on the third? It is challenging to combine professional and personal life in any industry. But when your services involve dating other people in Birmingham or another city, the balance is even harder to maintain.

Often, some girls who are female companions have no boyfriend. These women do not want to complicate her life with someone who may not have an open mind. Even after completing her companion career, long after they gave up this job, some ladies met guys who were super obsessed with the fact that at one point she did that. Some were disappointed, others excited about it. But what is the sentimental life of people who are escorts in Birmingham or another city?

Some call girls admitted that the best relationship they had was with a person in the same industry. The reason is that when men find out the truth, they react only in two ways: accept the relationship or break the contact with the (former) escort. There is no other choice; otherwise, they will feel obsessed with the idea. Understandably, many men cannot accept the idea, but it is inappropriate when some choose the relationship just because they want to try new things.

Sometimes, the romantic relationship with a female escort does not last long, maximum 2-3 months. What can you answer him when he asks you how the day (or night) was at work, and the girl doesn’t want to talk about it? The thing is women who work in this industry in Birmingham or another city like their job. Which is a beautiful thing, but, typically, she hesitates to be open because she doesn’t want to make her partner jealous.

Therefore, these relationships usually last only if both partners work together in this industry or are somehow connected to it. Such a relationship is excellent and can last for many years. They will both feel comfortable, and they can talk about anything. Even if it seems incredible, for some escorts, it is challenging to find a boyfriend, and when she sees one, she accepts any behaviour from him, which is not good at all. Also, many men, when they find out what their girlfriend’s job is, assume that she does not have a sensitive soul.

If you lie to him and he finds out much later, the shock may be too big, and the chance of breaking up is very high. He will always bring this up when he is arguing and will never trust you, to the point where he will check your phone and email. You will break up even if he wants a family, and you are not ready to give up escorting for that. Then, when you return to the accompanying, you will not like any relationship even if one day you will meet a funny and lovely guy.

If you lie and do not tell the truth in the first months of each relationship, because you do not have the strength of character, most will judge you and say that they deserved from the first month to know such intimate details about you. Sometimes some escorts tell the truth in two steps. The girl first tells him that she has been doing this in the past, after a week the lady says to him that she still does it and she will probably not stop for any boyfriend. Some will be upset and leave. Others will realize it’s not such a big deal. It’s just a job – it doesn’t change you as a person.

Indeed, almost every guy you meet will have a nasty reaction when he finds out what job you have. They are usually shocked, after which they reevaluate your person. Maybe a boyfriend will tell you that you are the escort out of the need for attention and that it is just a phase in your life. Others will pretend that nothing happened, then never call again, which will make you realize that many people don’t know much about this industry.

If it’s not good to lie to the men you want to have a relationship with, but you can lie hard to the rest of the world: don’t tell the truth to sales assistants, taxi drivers, various people who ask you what you’re doing. You don’t have to say to them the reality, not out of shame, but to avoid long conversations you’ve had too many times.

Of course, if you want your relationship to last, and he asks you to give up the escort job for good, if you love him, when the relationship has become more serious, you can decide to go to another career, for example as a waitress and give up the accompanying job. Otherwise, you will find that you cannot involve emotionally with him if he does not accept your career as a female companion. It is a compromise that you will make even if, in a more liberal and educated world, more men in Birmingham or another city could accept you as you are. There is no point in having a double life and a dissociated personality.

Now back to the original question: when is it okay to tell him you’re a female escort? It’s probably best to do this on the second or third date. Let him know you better on the first date or even the second, and when you see that he likes you, tell him the truth. That way, he doesn’t love you yet, so he won’t suffer if he doesn’t accept the idea. But he knows you a little more about you so that he doesn’t give up on you for the simple fact that you are a companion. Sometimes he will be jealous, other times you will be jealous, and you will wonder if he book other female companions. But I think you will work well together as a couple if you go through vulnerable times and there is mutual respect between you.