There is a wide range of entertainment in Birmingham, and booking an escort is a special way to spend quality time. Being one of the UK’s largest cities, the number of girls working as companions in our city is very high. Escorts working through a Birmingham agency are checked by the company’s staff, but in the case of ladies that provide services independently, you have to rely on your intuition and luck. Sometimes you can enjoy unforgettable moments, but in most cases, reality does not match your expectations. We will exemplify below three situations where reality will be different from what is being promoted in those ads.

1. Most ladies think clients want to enjoy time spent with young escorts, although some gentlemen prefer mature ladies. In many of the ads posted on various online platforms, these companions declare a much younger age, even 10-15 years less, hoping to attract the most numerous clients, those who prefer young girls. An escort agency, like Fantasy Escorts Birmingham, checks the lady’s age, asking for her identity card, before presenting that lady’s profile on the website. In the case of ads on online platforms, you have to guess if her age is real, talking on the phone with the respective lady. Her voice can reveal the real age of that lady if you have a good intuition. So be careful in this regard if you want your expectations to become a reality.

2. Another important aspect is her photos. You see on ads website a girl that looks like in the Playboy magazine. But in many cases, and especially in those ads with stunning photos, these ladies display in their profiles fake images taken from the web, sometimes even the photos of some celebrities. In other cases, some escorts in Birmingham show old images taken 5-10 years ago when these ladies were younger and physically more attractive. Some girls post photos taken from other escorts, which have a more beautiful body and a somewhat similar face. In the case of an escort agency, the team checks the authenticity of the photos and the fact that they are recent images through a face-to-face interview before publishing that girl’s profile. In the case of online ads, only your intuition will save you from disappointments.

3. The personality and temperament of a girl is another important factor. There are girls who describe themselves as bubbly, energetic, intelligent, open-minded, very experienced, naughty, submissive, humorous, ready to meet any desire. Some love opera and theatre, literature and art. But probably some of these ladies do not know who William Shakespeare was. It is unlikely that one girl, even if escort, will offer all these qualities and skills. In the case of an escort agency, the team of that company will notice the true personality of a lady, discussing with her. An objective evaluation of the personality will be presented on the agency’s website. But for ladies who provide services without verification, you need to be careful. If the girl is described as a perfect goddess, something is wrong.

In conclusion, there will be a discrepancy between expectations and reality when reserving unverified ladies. If you want to enjoy quality time by meeting girls with descriptions, age and photos checked, you may better choose the professional services of an escort agency in Birmingham.