On the website of our Birmingham agency, you will find various galleries with beautiful escorts. These ladies are selected and featured based on specific criteria such as age, hair colour, eye colour, height, cup size, orientation, location, and more. In the galleries, if you click on the representative image of any companion, you will be directed to a dedicated profile for that escort, which presents various recent and verified pictures, a description and various physical features. These photos are taken to get a good idea about the woman you will meet. Thus, you will know before making your reservation if that person matches your preferences.

Also, because we met each of these ladies at our Birmingham headquarters, the interview helped us to get a first impression on that companion. In this way, we were able not only to check the authenticity of the images but also to make a brief description of that lady’s personality. Also, in that interview, we got for you the physical characteristics of that girl. You will clearly find all this information in the profile of that escort. In addition, if you look at the photos carefully, you can judge the personality of the girl, depending on the dresses she has chosen.

There is no doubt that the profile information needs to be accurate. For example, in order to check the age, we ask candidates applying to our agency to show us the identity document. We also check her physical characteristics. No matter how beautiful the girls are, high-class customers are unlikely to want to pick up the phone and make a booking unless they have the guarantee that the profile portrays the lady correctly. In fact, this is why the Birmingham Fantasy agency has managed to attract so many loyal customers and over 700 premium members.

Photos are meant to show as much as possible about a person, even if her images are just snapshots of time. For this reason, some escorts, even if few in number, have allowed us to create videos that show moving images, giving a more realistic picture. These videos are also featured in the profiles of some of the ladies in the galleries displayed on the website. Surely the photos are the main element that helps a girl stand out, compared to dozens of ladies in the galleries. However, many gentlemen or women have their own preferences: some prefer busty girls, others blond or brunette ladies, some want slim women, others want curvy companions.

It is important that you get quality time and the right style of fun, and all the information and images presented in the profiles of these ladies will help all gentlemen in Birmingham, West Midlands and other regions and cities to get exactly what they want. But how do you know if she is a passionate girl if she really will dress sexy, if she is elegant or a 5-star woman? Here the reviews of other clients from all regions (East Midlands, West Mdilands and other areas) enter the scene because each profile offers to those who booked an escort the opportunity to send their personal opinion. Thus, you will be able to find out what was the rating of others about features such as passion, satisfaction, sensuality, beauty and even the overall rating.