Tips for customers

The first contact of a customer with an escort from Coventry or another city is the photos shown in the profiles. No matter if you need a woman for a fun event or a hot night, you always want an excellent company. Of course, an agency ensures that you get the best service, but it always matters your choice. That’s why the first impression is the one that means to you. So, the first time you look at the photos of these escorts.

You will probably choose a woman with gorgeous curves, and their body shapes well accentuated in the right proportions. These women gladly welcome your enthusiasm for fun or can be an ideal partner for a dinner date. If you want an escort to explore the depths of your desires in unique ways, the abilities and talents of these women are beyond the physical appearance that is seen in the photos. However, none of this matters in practice, and you will choose 99% based on the images presented.

If you look in our gallery, you will notice various attractive ladies. Beyond the physical aspect, you will judge a woman’s personality according to her dress, her position and how she looks at the camera. But everything can be an illusion. For example, a professionally produced photo can bring benefits to an escort with fewer qualities. There may be much better companions, but they do not have quality shots.

Tips for escorts

So, no matter how beautiful a lady is, a low-quality photo can be a major drawback, and the client does not pick up the phone to book that woman in Coventry or any other city. So it’s important for the photo to be clear, bright and portray some of the personal qualities of the escort, not just their ability to adopt a sexy pose. The client must have an idea of the real value of that lady. The image should not be just a snapshot, but a portrait with a feeling.

Of course, a photo does not have to turn that escort into a better person than she is, but to present reality. But under no circumstances should photography take the companion in an unfavourable light. That’s why you must take great care when you offer personal pictures for your profile because the images are of the highest importance.

If you think the photos are not important, that your lack of respect for you and your clients. A set of low-quality photos will significantly reduce your chance of being booked in Coventry or another city by customers. That’s why it’s good to accept the agency’s offer to take professional photos.