After a period of testing, we have implemented and launched for our Fantasy Escorts Birmingham website the latest security technology SSL. The most important benefit of this technology is encrypting data transfer between this website and visitor.

Even if we do not offer online payment services through our website, though your private life will be completely protected. In this way, no one can intercept sensitive personal information ( emails, passwords etc ), as can happen when you access unsecured escort websites.

When you access other websites that have not implemented SSL technology, your data is transmitted in unencrypted plain text, so those sites will expose you to the risk that an attacker intercepting your data.

But for Fantasy Agency website, this SSL technology establishes an encrypted link between you and our webiste and allows sensitive information to be transmitted securely.

Hoping that this new feature of our website meets your preferences, thank you and invite you to book in a secure way an escort in Birmingham or in another area!