Stylish dresses, accessories, make-up and cleanliness play an important role in the impression you can make to others, but these features are not everything. It matters a lot, obviously, the attitude you have. Do you want to know more about how to be an escort with style? Then it’s time to read the advice provided by the Fantasy Agency.

Let’s start with your clothes. First, match the textures. Not just colours have to match with each other, but the textures too. Fine and thin fabrics do not match the rough or thick ones. Watch out for details. The details are essential in the look of any escort in Birmingham and can even offer a brief characterization of that companion. For example, when wearing a jacket over the shirt, its cuff should not be seen more than 1 inch.

Combine sober clothes with clothes that inspire relaxation. A grey suit assorted with a pink shirt gives the impression of a complicated woman, but who knows how to live her life. Take care to clean the shoes every day (in the case of leather it is advisable to polish them). To be a stylish lady in Birmingham, Northampton, Nottingham or another area, try not to dress in a trivial way, but also do not exceed the limits, do not dress extravagantly. If you want to attract special attention, you can sometimes break some rules. But be careful that these non-conformist attitudes are just occasional. Of course, these are just examples: other style rules can apply, depending on the preferences of each escort.

On the other hand, how you interact with others is equally important. Try to blend passion with gentleness; to provide the most stylish escort service and to fulfil all the customer’s wishes, you have to offer a little gentleness, so not just an unlimited passion. Strive to be careful and polite with anyone. In this way, you will attract attention even when there are many women in the same place. Avoid any trace of arrogance. Do not forget to smile.

Learn how to accept a compliment. Many escorts tend to deny a compliment. The need usually comes from false modesty, but the result is pretty unpleasant. Answers such as “Thank you” or “It’s nice of you to say that” are the most stylish. Be balanced in conversation. Choose your words with care. Respect what the interlocutor has to say. Even if you sometimes feel stressed, try to keep your calm, tact, and enjoy the meeting. In addition, good manners must always be used, so not only when you’re at a restaurant in Birmingham or another city.

Why is it important to be a stylish escort? Every gentleman likes women of this type and customer satisfaction will be greater. When a man feels he spends quality time with a beautiful lady, he will automatically be more satisfied. In this way, you will get true fans, loyal customers who will ask for more meetings with you. That’s why the team of Fantasy Birmingham Agency recommends you to be stylish because it’s not just customer satisfaction, it’s also a huge benefit for you.