It is important for us that all gentlemen and ladies, no matter if they are premium, regular or simple clients, always be informed about the new girls arriving at our agency. That’s why, on the Fantasy homepage, we’ve added a way to see the newest escorts who have started working with Fantasy in Birmingham or other West Midlands areas. Called “Latest news”, in this section you will find the date when an escort is again available, also our new additions. This heading is available to everyone, not just to premium customers who have subscribed to newsletters from Fantasy.

This is basically a synthesis of blog information, as well as a method for you to see who are the newest ladies on our team. To keep this simple, we’ll just show you the latest 3-5 news in this box. The field is located in the PC version of the Website in the left side of the “Newest reviews” module, and in the mobile version of the website, just above this module, somewhere in the middle of the page. Of course, this module will only be updated if there are changes in the Fantasy team because we do not want to complicate things.

The module will also be used for special announcements such as working hours on holiday days or when we have something special to say. We will also use this heading when new services are introduced (for example, when we will have a 24-day work schedule again, or when we will be able to help you book incall escorts in Birmingham or other cities, not just outcall). The main idea is that the “Latest News” module will include the essence of our agency’s activity, so you have a simple and quick information that matches your needs.

Of course, for more details and real-time information, even without accessing our web platform, the most recommended way to find out the news is subscribing to our newsletter. All you have to do is register for free as a Premium member. It does not matter that you live in Birmingham, Coventry or another city of The Midlands, the premium section (which also offers voucher codes and more media content) is available to everyone, regardless of location. But the “Latest news” section on the home page does not involve membership, even if it’s free.

This is a new improvement that we have implemented at the request of customers who have less time to read blog news and at the request of clients who, for various reasons, can not become a premium customer. It’s also a modern way because it’s simple and fast to learn about new escorts in the most recent weeks. Hoping that our new functionality is useful for you, we invite you to read weekly (or even daily) the latest news on our home page. You will be a better-informed client, as well as a person who will be able to reserve the newest escorts as soon as these beautiful girls start working with our Fantasy Agency.