For any escort business, customers are the most important element. The real boss is the customer because the agency and all employees must comply with the wishes and needs of the client. Otherwise, an escort agency is doomed to bankruptcy. Competitive prices and high-quality services must be provided promptly and sincerely to every customer. The customer is one who will appreciate the satisfaction received; depending on the overall conclusion of the client, he can become a loyal customer. A company must make every effort to keep its loyal clientele.

Otherwise, that person remains a:
– “discount customer” ( clients who book especially during periods of temporary promotions and discounts );
– “need-based customer” ( clients who book girls only from an agency because they do not have the desire to try another company; they are captive customers, not loyal clients);
– “impulsive customer” ( clients seeking offers, but at some point, they will be bored and choose a girl at the last minute in an instinctual way );
– “wandering customer” ( clients who do not know what they are looking and randomly choose an escort agency);
– “ideal customer” (knows what he wants, choose the best escort services for their needs, but only after an analysis of all offers available in Birmingham or another area).

But loyal customers are the most important for an escort service; loyal clientele represents half of the total number of clients, which is a solid foundation for a stable profit. Of course, a newly launched agency receives requests especially from new clients, but over time can form a faithful clientele. A loyal customer is completely satisfied. Otherwise the next time he will use the services of other agencies. In general, loyal customers do not focus on low prices, but on quality and satisfaction. The company must keep in touch with loyal customers and to invest more effort in communication and respectful responses. Also, a company based in Birmingham or another city must introduce new escorts every month. Otherwise, loyal customers may look elsewhere.

The girls play a significant role because they have to continue building their clientele. A gentleman who appreciates an escort’s services will reserve that companion again, becoming a loyal customer. Also, the girl will have the advantage of a great comfort when she meets again with the same gentleman. There would be a familiarity, especially if the client and escort built a good relationship. If the girl is not able to do that, then any agency’s efforts will be in vain.  Long term, the companion will know what the customer likes and dislikes; there are few chances to experience unpleasant situations. Of course, uncontrollable situations may occur when a client manifest too much attachment to the escort. These situations are unlikely to happen and must be resolved amicably.

Finally, it must be said that every customer should be treated with the same high quality, whether it is a regular customer or a client of another type. Customers migrating from one category to another, so only quality services for all gentlemen will ensure the success of an escort agency. But loyal clients in Birmingham or another city should sometimes be treated with a gift beyond the usual services of the company. For example, the agency must provide additional discounts for a premium or loyal customer, such as special vouchers.