We talked earlier about the importance of escorts in business. Now, our opinion has been confirmed: a study conducted among automotive companies revealed that 56 per cent of executives believe that women are a “critical source” of talent. Also, 96 per cent of the outstanding leaders of the auto world has faith that diversity of thought is essential to lead market profile to the next level. In other words, thinking it would take a woman in this world that seems reserved for men.

In recent years, became necessary the discussion about the importance of women in business and leadership offices, the study estimates that by 2020, the labour market will have around one billion women. The study came to the automotive world, and some would be tempted to say that women do not have knowledge about cars and therefore women cannot lead effectively such businesses.

However, 80 per cent of the decisions to buy a car are influenced by women. Therefore, major industry leaders believe that such business could be left in the hands of women. The discussion is in theory because, although 96 per cent of leaders say they need new perspectives in the automotive world, only 12 per cent of them believe that women may fill the posts.

The study was conducted among automotive companies from 20 countries, and the conclusion was that 56 per cent of executives believe that women are a “critical source” of talent that companies are not using it to its full capacity. Also, the beginnings of the automotive world are related to the names of women, at least in the history of Daimler, one of the richest women in the world with a fortune of over $ 11 billion.

The automotive industry is one such area, and although nine out of ten companies would need to change almost all thinking when it comes to attracting new talent, only one seems ready to accept women in leadership teams at the next five years. On the other hand, it is clear that a beautiful woman is an asset in any business. Your opportunity to impress business partners grow very much if you have a lovely woman next to you. If you need a smart girl for a business meeting, we invite you to visit our gallery and choose one of these escorts.