Maybe some of you have noticed that we have added a banner with the text “HOT” to some of the representative images of escorts from the Fantasy agency. Surely you wondered what this means. Of course, these are the hottest girls from our company. We base this selection of these escorts in Birmingham and other locations on a single element that differentiates these women from others: their ability to provide the hottest experience, no matter what you need to relax before starting your work schedule or you want to have fun after a day’s work.

These ladies are the right choice for many of the gentlemen and ladies of the Midlands because these HOT escorts are very passionate, energetic women no matter how many hours you reserve. The degree of satisfaction is impressive and is guaranteed by the feedback received from other regular clients. These escorts have a great demand among premium members, but also for anyone who wants to have fun at high standards without any preconceived ideas. Because of this, some girls have requested an increase in the donation per hour by 10 pounds, but this has not solved the problem: the demand for these girls has remained very high, and these ladies are very busy.

Even if some of these escorts once again requested a donation increase, we would not accept this request because it would mean having a similar donation per one hour of outcall just like other Birmingham agencies. But we want to keep the donation lower than the real outcall donation per hour of other agencies in this area. That’s why we’ve decided to add these 10 extra pounds only to the 1 hour and 90-minute bookings and only for these HOT girls. The Extra Hour, Dinner Date, 5 Hours and Overnight packages have the same standard donation, so you can still enjoy, for example, the £ 100 per hour if you book the Overnight Package (10 hours), even for a HOT lady.

It is not only in our interest to keep the donations low but also in the interest of the client and even in the interest of the girls. A lower donation means more bookings and therefore a total advantage both for clients and for ladies. We will add the “HOT” banner only for the best girls, the ladies who are in the TOP 3 in Birmingham. The other women in the gallery will have exactly the same donations as before, much lower than the real donations required by other agencies for an OUTCALL hour. In addition, girls who can not fit into this supply and demand mechanism, normally in a free market, have the freedom, like any other escorts in our Fantasy agency, to work for other agencies with higher donations.

Our regular customers already know our effort to negotiate the lowest donations. We can not discriminate: we want to balance the needs of the client with the needs of the girls. We have to find the best balance for everyone to be happy. That’s why we set these maximum donation limits to £170 per hour. That’s why we accepted that some very busy girls would ask for a higher donation for an hour. We understand both the needs of escorts in Birmingham, but we also understand the possibility of customers, sometimes limited, to offer a higher donation. £10 is not a fortune, and everyone is happy. But we will not accept higher donations because we want the donation to be at least 10 pounds lower than the OUTCALL donations per hour of other agencies. And only for escorts in the TOP 3, the most requested girls. The other dozens of ladies will have exactly the same donations as before, £160 per hour.