After fully experiencing all the extravagant and bizarre adventures that sometimes happen to me on my adventures as an escort in Birmingham, I concluded that there are perfect or ordinary things and experiences that change and evolve my personality. Every month something new happens; I discover new parts of myself and meet more exceptional people. They give me fascinating experiences and involve me in funny situations.

So above all, I appreciate the fun because, from my perspective, the world of courtesans in the West Midlands is not a world of sacrifices and compromises. It is not a dirty world of people with psychological problems. There are no childhood traumas, no desire for revenge. On the contrary, apart from those isolated cases of people being destroyed by alcohol or banned substances (in fact, this is the situation in any service industry), there is only a healthy curiosity to explore life for most courtesans.

Every time I start workday (or night), I wonder who I will become today because my identity changes several times a week. The other day, I was a girl flirting with a colleague to make her boss jealous; yesterday, I was a tourist guide so that my client’s mother would suspect nothing. However, all these experiences are fascinating; it looks like an awesome virtual video game that allows me to evolve my soul and immerse myself in a new existence with new people. All this makes my adventure (as one of the best Birmingham escorts) to be a wonderful and interesting one.

My clients always put me in different situations: today I am shy, tomorrow naughty, then competitive and, finally, I need affection. I have never set rules in this regard, and my personality is constantly changing according to the client’s needs. I already consider myself a great movie actress. I joked. :) However, I balance my life; I don’t drink alcohol, do not smoke, do not consume banned substances, and pay attention to diet and aerobics. I maintain both my primary existence (first job) and my second life (as Birmingham escort) at balanced and independent levels. I like to learn new things, understand people, and feel that my senses are sharper. Every day, my abilities become more developed.

Some situations are a little harder to solve correctly: sometimes, I perceive a slight dose of instability in the client, and, therefore, I have to pay special attention to the way I behave. In this way, the client will not be nervous and will not show unpleasant emotions. Sometimes I say no; other times, I make jokes. Even in this case, I do not get worried; everything is part of the game. I have to stay balanced because I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, what role I will have to play, what scenography to set up in a Birmingham restaurant or other location.

I don’t have friends in my main job, but I have many friends who also work as escorts. Each of them had its beginning and set a different goal. Some do it with pleasure, others with a bit of sacrifice. But in the end, we are all happy. We are a good group because it’s a friendly group. But above all, we help each other, support each other in the most challenging moments and love each other.

So I’m happy that I made this choice, especially as more time passes and I meet more beautiful people. I do not take into account preconceived ideas or what others say because they observe from the outside but do not understand the real world of Birmingham escorts; they have no way to do it as long as they do not practice this profession. not enjoying these beautiful moments, sensations and adventures that help me evolve.