A high-class Birmingham escort is a female companion who indulges and frequents only high society. On the other hand, this is a very different concept from being a luxury female companion, who, instead of being selective, meets anyone who has enough money to give her an expensive donation. We realize that the boundary between these two categories of courtesans is fragile. Still, we have presented this explanation so that we know exactly the difference between the two types of female companions.

High-class escorts

Living effectively in high society or, in any case, in a high-level environment, this is an advantage for obtaining a network of direct and indirect contacts, so verbal advertising and not online. If we used a term from the marketing sector, we would use the word “referrals”. These are human, unlike the category of luxury Birmingham companions, where online referrals predominate. When an escort has a sufficient number of authoritative recommendations, she no longer needs to invest in advertisements on specialized websites, much less maintain and manage her own personal site. This number of contacts increases in geometric progression, in the sense that it is intended to widen and expand over time, if that girl continues to provide good quality services.

For a high-class female courtesan, this is the best possible success. But to achieve this goal, it is necessary to start from scratch, to have determination and ambition, a lot of perseverance and to make the right initial investments, without ever forgetting the awareness of what this business means.

Slim or curved, blonde or brunette, tall or short, elegant or sporty, young or mature, original or mundane, refined or naughty? Those who expect a list of the features of a high-class escort will be disappointed. There is no list of such characteristics that would define a high-class courtesan, apart from high-quality services and access to high society.

Luxury escorts

As we said before, a luxury female companion can meet anyone who has enough money to make reservations for an hour, several hours or even overnight. There are many such courtesans in Birmingham and anywhere in the West Midlands: you can find them on ad sites, on their own websites or on the platforms of the agencies they work with. Usually, such a girl rarely accesses the high society, only if she is lucky enough. However, she is an escort with the same skills and services as high-class courtesans, and the only difference that distinguishes her is that she does not have a list of wealthy clients.

Other issues to be discussed

Is there competition between the two categories of courtesans?

Usually, the two types of courtesans can live in the same neighbourhood, but they usually do not interfere with each other. It is not an easy thing at all, but it is part of professionalism, it is an acquired skill, an advanced art, but above all a rule. But it is the rule of high-class escorts, who may know that her neighbour is a luxury courtesan, because of online ads: but the luxury companion will never find out that her neighbour is a high-class courtesan. Of course, the luxury courtesan would like to use the contact list of the high-class companion, but this high-class lady makes sure that no one finds out about what she is doing because she lives two distinct roles: that of real privacy and that of the high-class courtesan.

Do high-class courtesans live a double life?

It is wrong to call it a “double life” and it is not even a “secret life”. In fact, many high-class escorts do not hide in Birmingham, are not afraid to be seen in front, are not afraid to be stigmatized, on the contrary, are proud of their success, regardless of any comment or hypocritical thought. There is no set time or moment of the day when she leaves the first dimension and enters the second, or vice versa.

Is there a similarity between booking girls in the two categories?

There is a common characteristic: for a man, booking a high-class escort or a luxury one is in both cases a status symbol that also involves a predisposition to make costly donations to achieve the forbidden dream of spending a night with such a girl.