Because more people are probably confused, we want to make the difference, which is total, between prostitutes and escorts ( or escort agency ). It is not the same activity, and there is no connection between the terms.

1. Escort agencies are offering social services, precisely opportunity to meet people, including the ability of clients to book different women or men to a dinner at the restaurant or the possibility of booking an escort as a figurative character in a business meeting and many such specific social situations. Escort agencies, including our escorts agency, not mediate meetings between people to have sex, but to meet in different locations and backgrounds, to fulfil the purpose of social accompanying.

After escort meets with the client and remains together, escorts agencies don’t have direct contact with the girl, during social services. If there are rare exceptions when in time it’s created an affinity between the client and the escort, escorts agencies don’t have control and don’t know personal decisions of that escorts and of that customer, who are adults and can make their decisions, independent of the agency.

The agency only mediates a social meeting between client and escort, without imposing any sexual obligation to escort. Also, the company can negotiate a booking for a longer time, if the girl accepts to accompany a customer on a long vacation or business trip.

In all these cases, the agency provides services not only for clients but help escort to find customers. In all these activities, escort agency has significant expenses caused by the promotion of social services of escorts in the online environment. The company pays very expensive advertising paid to various other businesses that promote escorts agencies, by renting the office where the telephone receptionists work, salaries for staff, phone and internet bills, pay for websites hosting and many other similar expenses, strictly necessary.

The agencies perceive a small percentage from donations received by escorts, to recover these very high costs, and gain a small profit, as in any services activity.

Escorts recruitment is done either by publication of an advertisement in the newspapers, whereby the girl announces that search for a future job in escorts agencies, or by directly contacting an agency. From here we see the voluntary nature of social escorts services, an initiative being chosen in free will.

So as you can see, the services offered by escort agencies are legal, because don’t constrain to sexual and illegal activities, but only mediate accompanying, social or conversational services, have very high expenses for promotion and a slight profit.

So far you have seen what the terms “escort agency” and “escort”.

Now let’s see what it means prostitution and prostitutes.

2. Totally different, the goal of prostitutes is to provide sexual services, to have a huge profit, not related expenses and are often constrained by others to conduct illegal or sexual activities without having free will. Prostitutes wait for clients on certain streets and not through service companies because the interest of prostitutes it’s to offer sex, not social relations without sex.

3. Conclusions: It would be much to discuss, but we think there are enough examples given to notice that between prostitutes and escorts it’s a total difference, different terms.