Before booking a lady, it is good to find out more details. These girls often have a website with a lot of information about donations and services or collaborate with a Birmingham company such as Fantasy Escorts. Look for their profile in detail and read it, don’t waste your and her time requesting through messages or by phone this information already available on the internet.

When contacting a female companion, send a message only if you are somewhat sure you want to book this lady. Do not approach these ladies or the reception just for conversation. Do not try to contact them by any means other than those indicated to you. If you have found an account on a personal social network, this does not authorise you to use it for contact, unless it mentions that she offers escort services. Send a courteous and direct message. Include all the necessary information, explaining when, what time you want the meeting to take place, how long and where. Don’t waste time with incomplete messages, because time is precious.

Make a reservation only if you are sure you are available. If something unexpected prevents you from being present, announce your cancellation as soon as possible. If you announce too late, the person will not be able to find another customer to replace you, and this will create losses. If a specific escort is not available at the desired time, do not insist. Making the same request after 30 minutes will not change the answer you get and will waste the person’s time unnecessarily. It is best to book in advance rather than on the same day, but if necessary, follow these recommendations above.

Do not indicate a wish list or fantasies you want to perform; it is disrespectful. You better look for a lady who offers a complete girlfriend experience. If you have a specific fantasy, you can talk about it after you meet the lady. If the person refuses, be understanding and respectful, because you have no idea why she rejects the request. Accept the answer and move on.

Also, don’t try to get free time from these girls. This work has a price. It is useless and dishonest to try to contact an escort if you are bored and just want to talk on the phone. People employed in this industry are not looking for friends or spouses. Do not send requests for the same day and time to multiple girls. Wait for the first person to decline your request before trying to book another lady. Do not send messages that include licentious language. This rule applies to everyone, not just when talking to a female companion or a Birmingham agency receptionist.

When contacting using the phone, the rules are similar: call if you are sure you want to make an appointment and if you are sure that the escort fits your preferences. Always be polite and respectful. Do not share your personal or romantic life. These ladies are not psychiatrists and do not owe you anything. Don’t force the discussion to get something that these ladies don’t agree with.

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