Are you a customer? What kind of ladies do you prefer in terms of skin tones?

Everyone has preferences genetically determined but also formed over the course of his life. There is a unique aesthetic attraction from one being to another, often caused by standards in modern society. But this phenomenon is often based on genetic causes. The same principles apply when a gentleman chooses companions with pale or tanned skin. For example, you are looking for a natural red-haired escort. Usually, these ladies in Birmingham have pale skin. Maybe you have not figured out yet, but pale skin is an attraction to purity, and the red colour of hair is the element that creates the hot sensation.

On the contrary, if you prefer tanned skin, it means you have an attraction to exotic mysteries. In essence, a tanned escort can be considered not only with origins in exotic countries, but also a woman that is eager for adventure, a lady who spends much time in the sun’s rays. Of course, we are talking about girls with naturally tanned skin, not about those using various tanning equipment or creams. In addition, some women are more prone to burning than others, so not all females can tan naturally. It should be noted that the sun does not smile very often in the sky of Birmingham City, Rugby, Smethwick or other cities so artificial tanning is often the only solution for a woman living in our metropolis.

Are you an escort? Here are some tips for correct tanning.

Bronzing is a process in which skin colour changes or darkens. It is most often the result of exposure to ultraviolet radiation produced by the sun or another artificial form, such as tanning lamps. Some people intentionally sit in the sunlight to tan. It is considered a recreational activity by most people. Some escorts prefer products that produce the tanning effect without the sun.  Moderate exposure to the sun helps produce melanin and vitamin D. But exposure for a long time has negative health effects.

Some are tanning or burning more than others, depending on certain factors, like skin colour, use of creams and more. Many tanning products are available in the form of creams, gels, lotions and sprays that apply to the skin. Organic bronzing is actually a paint spray. There is also an instant tan from the resorts or salons in Birmingham where many escorts prefer to go for tanning. But it is preferable to enjoy the sun, which can energize you, improve your mood and give you vitality. On the beach, under the action of sun rays, you will get a natural bronze, but also get rid of fatigue and exhaustion. Of course, we have to do it carefully.

The fastest and most beautiful tanning is done on the beach when you’re on a trip to an ocean resort. Due to the unique water properties that reflect the sun’s rays, their effects are more beneficial. The skin is also tanning during swimming because the ultraviolet rays penetrate even in the water. Tanning near the water is more beneficial because moist air softens the skin and makes it not dry. Wanting to get a quick tan, many escorts rush as soon as possible to spend as much time as possible under the sun, although this step is unjustified because, in the struggle for beauty, it risks getting unwanted effects from prolonged exposure to the sun. These effects include primarily sunburn, which not only does not look aesthetically pleasing but also can have plenty of opposite effects, making the skin inflamed and far from perfect. Prolonged exposure to the sun, especially in peak hours, can cause serious illness.

It is important to remember that sunlight is reflected by the surface of the water and sand. Therefore, it is especially important to control the length of stay in the sun at the initial stage of obtaining a tan. The optimal bronze time with health benefits is until 11:00 and after 16:00. During 12:00 to 14:00 the sun is particularly strong, so it is best to spend this time in the shade. For those with white skin, the first sunbathing should not exceed 10-15 minutes and the duration should gradually increase.

Of course, these are some tips. The main idea that you have to remember is that no matter whether you have tanned or pale skin, as we said at the beginning of this text. Fantasy Birmingham agency guarantees that there are both clients who prefer one or other of the situations. We have not noticed an advantage of tanned versus pale escorts. So the choice is yours and we do not impose restrictions or conditions depending on the colour or shades of the skin. Important are other features such as quality services, recent photos, punctuality, sophistication, body cleanliness and customer satisfaction.