The coming of spring awakens nature’s life. The trees bloom, the animals resume their mating rituals. Even people become more interested in romantic experiences. We notice that in spring people seem to be more interested in intimate relationships and tend to flirt more, but how are they actually influenced by the changes in the seasons? Do the heat and the longer days make them more excited? Even at Fantasy Birmingham, we’ve noticed more bookings in the last days.

The fact that the seasons have a visible effect on mood is not new. Spring is the season of love. Even though this link is less obvious to humans than other species, the natural course of nature is followed. Some studies have shown that the perfect time for a romantic date is when the temperature is around 20 degrees and the sun shines daily for at least 12 hours. These conditions stimulate several factors in the human body. Studies have shown that people are more interested in looking for a partner during the spring than during the winter holidays.

Spring starts from the meteorological point of view on Wednesday, March 20 and ends on Friday, June 21. March 20th is the spring equinox day, that is, the moment when day and night are equal in any place on Earth, because the Sun, in its apparent motion in the sky, lies exactly on the heavenly equator. However, for many of us, spring begins on Saint David’s Day, March 1. That means spring begins today. It is the moment when we feel the energy of nature and the need for socialization is strong. Of course, this is the rhythm of nature and it is hard to resist, no matter what your thoughts are.

So, the psychological aspect is important too. People unconsciously associate warmth and spring months with love, fun, socialization, and people’s behaviour change, they become more friendly. Even though in Birmingham, Redditch, Shropshire and the UK the spring is a bit different from other geographic areas, the same principles apply here as well. We are the same people full of life, who seem to be reborn when we celebrate the coming of the spring.

We look forward to enjoying the sun’s warmth.  The need to have a girlfriend and to enjoy the flowers of our city is greater than ever these days. If we do not have a girlfriend these days, we can call an escort agency. For example, the Fantasy company is ready to make all the arrangements for you to enjoy a dinner date. Surely you will enjoy quality time and you will be able to feel the coming of spring together. You will choose the right companion. It is enough to look at our escort gallery and pick a girl that matches your preferences.

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