We have received this question from a few loyal Fantasy Birmingham clients and feel obliged to answer. These gentlemen and ladies have noticed that some escorts work only for a few days, then these women are no longer available at the agency. The answer is simple, but it needs to be detailed: as in any job market, everyone chooses the place where they work. Also, sometimes the agency decides that it no longer maintains the collaboration with a certain lady because she has not proved that her services meet the quality standards of the agency. There are also other causes which we will illustrate below.

Promoting and protecting the rights of escorts and those who work with Fantasy Birmingham agency remains one of the priorities of our company, which is an essential condition for ensuring and guaranteeing human rights. To this end, there are national, international and European legal instruments that have been created to promote, respect and protect human rights. The right to work, like other human rights, finds its regulation in the most critical legal acts because the whole human civilisation is primarily based on work, which makes all public freedoms that are related to work fundamentally.

Freedom of work implies the right of the person to choose the profession alone and free, whether the escort works or not, where, for whom, with whom and under what conditions. Freedom of work is ensured by regulating the termination of the individual employment contract on the initiative the employee, without any limitation or constraint. That is why Fantasy Birmingham agency cannot require any lady to continue the collaboration if she does not want it. There are various reasons why a female companion may stop working for the agency: she wants to move to another city or country, or she doesn’t want anymore to work in this industry, or she doesn’t agree with the quality conditions imposed by the agency, or she needs to get involved in another agency where she thinks is best suited for her, or other causes.

Another category of reasons is based on providing high-class services. Even though Fantasy Birmingham Agency starts collaborating with these companions through an interview in which we try to discover the personality of these ladies, sometimes we are wrong in our choices. We must admit this; no one can guess the real character of someone until it is necessary to reveal it. Thus, shortly after the start of the collaboration, a lady who does not want to meet the quality standards of high-class escort services, will be marked by many complaints from dissatisfied clients. Even if she did pass our test at interview, the clients are the ones who directly benefit from the services, and they notice the problems.

The reviews that these gentlemen send us and the complaints they send through the chat and the contact form, or by telephone, are thoroughly verified. If the claims prove well-founded, will count a lot in our decision to interrupt the collaboration with that escort. Of course, anyone deserves a second chance, which is why we initially call that lady to offer services that meet high-quality standards. However, if problems persist, we must discontinue the collaboration, even if the respective lady started working only for a few days. The short period in which she worked thus becomes merely a trial period. This lady will receive payment for all services provided, but the collaboration will not continue. For us, it is imperative to maintain high-quality standards because only this way, the customers will be satisfied.