There are Birmingham escorts who want to be beautiful and companions who want to be smart. If nature has not given them these qualities from the beginning, there are weak chances of success to correct something in one of the two chapters. Those who will be beautiful will also want to be smart, but vice versa is only valid with great efforts. The paradox is that intelligent women will never get something as easy as the beautiful ones get. Why? Simple: because of most people, especially gentlemen, are aware of what they see, not what they might discover in a female partner as a personality.

Intelligence, even if it is brilliant, can not be seen first, with the naked eye, must be demonstrated. And here comes the problem, because some smart escorts do not necessarily feel the need to prove something to someone. Smart women do not need the approval of others. Moreover, they believe they do not have to prove anything to anyone. A wise woman, over the level of other ladies, can understand your desires. But these girls may know that others are weaker than they are and they could not quantify them. A woman with a lower intellect will probably realise you are superior to her, but she will not find a reason to explain it. This ladies will not question you because she does not have the necessary abilities.

Now to return to the beautiful escorts and the smart ones. Many have realised the advantages and disadvantages of the two so-called qualities. That’s why we see the beauty salons are full and the libraries in Birmingham almost empty. Why try to develop intelligence when there are so many ways to beautify? That thing with the library was a joke. You do not have to be a library mouse to become intelligent, and sometimes you are so born, not to mention that now any book is accessible to anyone if you have money, of course. And money is not an excuse for an escort in Birmingham or any other city in the UK.

I found a definition of intelligence some years ago, and I liked it a lot. I do not know who it belongs to: intelligence is the ability of people to deal with extreme situations. So it’s all about practice, not theory. If you improve your physique when you know you have no chance of succeeding in other cases, it can be, at some point, a proof of intelligence. If you do not take into account the way you look, but you only count on your intangible values, it just seems like a proof of courage.

I was saying at first that intelligent escorts will not necessarily be beautiful, too, because they do not need validation. They know that their beauty is something else, harder to pass through artificial techniques. I can not imagine a satisfying romantic date just based on physical strengths. No matter how well a lady looks, without a touch of intelligence, the woman turns into a companion without glare. I know, this can be fascinating up to a point when it gets embarrassing.

That’s why, here at Fantasy Escorts Agency, we’ve always tried not to put our client in difficulty. We chose in Birmingham (and other cities) only ladies that are both beautiful and intelligent, with an open mind for customer needs. This mode of selecting companions provides the complete package that offers satisfaction, and you will not have to choose between beauty and intellect.