In addition to good manners, an escort should always have a nice physical appearance. We are not just talking about physical hygiene, but also about other aspects, such as skin care. These ladies only visit the best beauty salons or they use the best natural products. For a woman (and of course for all escorts in Birmingham), skin care is very important.

It is said that skin is the largest human organ, and yet too few people give it the proper attention. That’s why these ladies from the Fantasy Agency take into account the most important things in skin care: skin-friendly products, using a complete range of products containing cleansing, toning and moisturizing products, and most importantly, using them regularly.

Regardless of the types of cosmetics used, the skin care routine must contain three stages:

1. Cleaning – This involves the use of a cleanser and then a cleansing gel/foam to remove the cleanser or the last particles of dust or makeup.

2. Toning – Using a tonic lotion (preferably without alcohol) that has several roles depending on the needs of each person: light moisture helps to get rid of the sensation caused by water, removes the last traces of makeup, etc

3. Hydration – This step is very important because it is an external aid. These escorts know that they have to keep in mind that the skin around the eyes needs special care since it is much thinner and there are no sebaceous glands in that area. Mixed skin, for example, is very pretentious. So these ladies choose moisturizing products according to skin type, specific needs, but they also take care of the ingredients that can cause inconvenience.

Of course, these escorts from Fantasy Agency (no matter whether providing services in Birmingham or another city) pay attention to the skin, but they also use other personal hygiene rules that form a true daily ritual: these ladies never use cosmetics or face products that came in direct contact with other people (lipsticks, creams or mascara, etc.) These escorts do not forget to regularly clean makeup tools, especially those for the face, and those for creamy products after each use.

In this way, all companions from the Fantasy agency will have a nice physical appearance, whether it’s a private meeting or a dinner date at a luxury Birmingham restaurant. Any man or woman who meets one of these companions will enjoy high standards not only in terms of uniqueness and beauty but also for the pleasant physical appearance of these women.