Hey, gentlemen, you can find me on Fantasy Escorts. Today I will tell you about my latest fantasy, that is not yet fulfilled. I’d like to meet a gentleman who treats me like a rebellious schoolgirl.

I have already prepared schoolgirl uniform, as I would learn lessons from a prestigious school, where only true gentlemen can hide from the eyes of serious teachers.

Already I can imagine how you call me and I go quietly out of high school. When teachers ask me where I go, I will say that I go to the bathroom and certainly will not comment on anything, being ashamed.

Then I will get out of the schoolyard, and after I’m through the gate, I’ll get to the corner school. There you’ll wait for me in your car with the engine running.

I quickly climb into the car, and you go to full throttle to a destination you only knew. We go on a country road, and we reach a forest. After 10 minutes, we arrive at a lake. The scenery is fantastic, and we are alone, hidden in the heart of nature. It’s much nicer than at school!

You open the trunk and take from there a red sheet, which then put it on the green grass, right next to a big rock. You ask me if I want to stay with you on the sheet, to admire nature. I realise that you are shy and I don’t wait. You’re older than me by 20 years; you probably think that I do not really like you. But you’re wrong, I like mature men, even if I just turned 18.

I sit next to you, and I look you in the eyes, so close that I see how your cheeks turn red. I wonder: what are you waiting? I grab your hand and pull you near me. Then …

Then … Ha ha … do not tell you.

If you want to meet with me to admire nature together, you can find on my webpage. If you want to fulfil my latest desire ( to be a rebellious schoolgirl ), be the first to book an appointment with me. Otherwise perhaps another man will be faster. Hurry, maybe tomorrow I have another fantasy!

PS: I hope you’re discreet, like a real gentleman. Let’s not hear rumours about my adventure at school.