The main qualities of a perfect Birmingham escort lady are education, impeccable manners and always neatness. Everyone knows that. Unfortunately, even if there is an oversupply of agencies in the city, it isn’t easy to distinguish between quality ladies and ordinary girls. For example, even if he only reserves young students so that the client is not worried that he cannot discuss political responsibility for climate change, he cannot always guarantee that he will make the perfect choice for a dream dinner. When you buy the ideal illusion, you can’t be sure that everything will always be as it seems.

That’s why I think that a clean physical appearance, good education and the other main elements are only half of the essential qualities of a top Birmingham escort. A high-class courtesan should have and give the honest feeling that she wants to meet that man. She must be herself. But she must know how to make the client feel that the meeting is natural, like a dinner with a real girlfriend. Only in this way will that client book that courtesan with enthusiasm again.

Also, applying makeup should be elegant, not exaggerated. If a client says you chose the wrong makeup or dress, do not answer with anger, but explain that you do not fully share this opinion. But you still show that you appreciate his point of view, that you can look at it from his perspective. In addition, as a Birmingham, Coventry or other West Midlands escort, it is your job to be careful and give up your opinions partially and temporarily. We know it’s a difficult task for women who are too self-confident but having a too rigid attitude won’t satisfy your client’s psychology. A courtesan should be pure pleasure, not a headache for the client. The GFE experience is the best for most gentlemen from our city.

In addition, if you are a lady attending events and business dinners in Birmingham or another city, you cannot misbehave in discussions. No case can you contradict guests at an event full of specialists. It is also recommended not to attract attention in public. Do you think that an escort always looks like a top model with short dresses? This principle is an untrue presumption. Often, discretion is the paramount quality of a courtesan in public, and an attractive lady by nature is much more credible.

Of course, an escort does not have to focus on lies. If a lady needs to lie, to maintain discretion, this woman must lie most credibly. A Birmingham courtesan must know what information she can reveal about herself and what information is too personal. In addition, she must know how to create a pleasant atmosphere and give the event guests the feeling of being an extraordinary friendship. Of course, such customers are rare. So don’t forget: champagne, golden credit cards and caviar for breakfast in haute cuisine restaurants are special occasions. Most meetings last 2-4 hours and take place with ordinary men in an average atmosphere.