Even if outside is cold, many people want to meet escorts during this time of year. Did you know that our statistics show that between December and February the desire to spend quality time with a beautiful woman is much more common? The human body is more sensitive during the cold season; the desire to walk outside through Birmingham or another city is low because of high energy consumption in maintaining physiological processes. However, the night is long, and the need for socialisation increases.

Long periods of time in the home and inactivity cause a state of apathy, lack of energy and a lack of desire to practice a sport. Many times, everything we do on a cold winter day is to sit in the pyjamas in front of the tv, eating snacks and watching movies. Even getting out of bed and dressing may seem a difficult task, and making an effort to go out for a walk or spend quality time with a sweet partner at a restaurant seems too much.

In the winter we have an excellent appetite for snacks and drinks that create comfort, which would make us theoretically feel better. But the lack of physical activity, the consumption of fatty foods and alcohol leads to the accumulation of extra pounds which will not make us feel sexy. Libido also suffers from fatigue, drowsiness, low levels of energy, and the additional pounds of weight; a glass of alcohol consumed to revive us often makes us even more apathetic.

Stress and agitation of holidays put pressure on us. The simple fact that you have to celebrate something when you do not like anything can irritate you. The influence of the relatives only adds an extra irritation. So this period of the year causes negative states of mood for many people: some are apathetic and lacking in the desire for fun, others are sad, others are irritable and nervous. A quarrel between friends can come from nothing and reaching peace can be tricky.

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