The conclusions that Fantasy Escorts Birmingham has observed over the years are that most Brits celebrate Valentine’s Day because they feel constrained by social and commercial pressure. Due to social demand, which urges you to respect the customs of society (the eternal “must do as others”) during Valentine’s Day (two weeks before and after the holiday), there is much more chance that relationships will break down because many of us do not know how to behave “properly” on these holidays.

Many men in Birmingham are panicking during this time because they do not understand what the partner’s expectations are, he is afraid that the partner will be disappointed, probably does not have enough money for the sophisticated gifts that the partner is waiting for, and most often choose the easy way: that of avoiding and finding reasons to argue, hoping for a temporary separation around February 14. Moreover, we noticed that three essential factors push men to prefer not to have a love affair around this holiday than to be below the partner’s expectations:

1. Exaggerated expectations: For many, Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of expectations, including gifts, special meals and romantic venues. However, the higher the expectations, the easier the premises of disappointment were created because the partner can be confronted with reality, which does not match her unrealistic hopes. Also, many couples who choose to enter into a relationship hoping that everything will be pink and that the gentleman will do satisfy her lusts, get to the stage where disappointments and dysfunctions can occur within the relationship.

2. Comparison with others: Because of the social media platforms, we can all see that some people go to luxury restaurants in Birmingham or other cities, concerts or events with a high standard, and most of the time these experiences will be idealized before they happen. Then there is a strange moment in the life of a couple because the partner will feel upset because he will not be able to give his girlfriend a magical Valentine’s Day as he sees on social web platforms. These comparisons can lead to dissatisfaction with our way of celebrating, even if at this moment it was perfectly pleasant and satisfying.

3. Exacerbation of couple problems: Even though it may sound paradoxical, Valentine’s Day may even exacerbate the problems we already have in the couple, because the thought hidden deep in our subconscious (the thought of a “perfect evening”) will come out and be extrapolated to the thought of “perfect relationship”. Around the holiday of February 14, we, men from Birmingham and other cities, tend to exaggerate some thoughts, feelings and deeds, because we believe that we do not offer a “perfect relationship”. Also, by corroborating the exaggerated emotions with social pressure, our negative feelings can intensify in a dysfunctional relationship and can escalate into reproaches or even temporary or definitive break-ups.

Therefore, Fantasy Escorts Birmingham advises you not to try to do what others do, if your wallet is not so full, not have too high expectations and do not break the relationship because you think your partner has too high expectations. Of course, if you are already alone, you can call our agency to book a companion who has no claims and does not want Valentine’s Day gifts. This way you will spend this holiday without any stress, in perfect harmony, and you will have fun as you should, in a GFE atmosphere full of romance!