For many clients in Birmingham and other cities in the West Midlands or even other geographical areas, a woman with a spectacular body does not necessarily have enough seduction skills to be a high-class escort. A top female companion is not born with the necessary qualities, but she must learn and continuously improve these talents. Why? Because clients do not always seek the same benefits as in a romantic relationship: they often want just pure fun. But this type of entertainment requires good skills. For the same reasons, they are not interested in finding out about your relationship with your boyfriend, so your relationship will not affect you.

These female companions are generally young girls, with or without a boyfriend, inexperienced at first, but with the desire to be on top. That is why they are very friendly. Besides, getting started working as an escort in Birmingham is not at all problematic, as many of them consider it a way of life to achieve rapid success. Usually, a lady offers this type of service as a way to get a lot of money in a short time, but after a few days, the lady realises that she loves this job, because it allows her a very comfortable life.

Many of these women have a boyfriend. But sometimes their partners do not agree with the long-term practise of this profession. So there are two situations. Some luxury companions have started in this world of seduction and high-quality female accompaniment because they needed it. Others, mostly, began with the need for pure entertainment, because they love to meet other people and because they want to enjoy the company of other gentlemen. Usually, in the first situation, she chooses to keep the relationship and quit her job. But ladies who love this lifestyle, typically break the relationship with their boyfriend, with some exceptions that we will expose below.

Even if it seems surprising, some of these escorts, it is true that few, have a boyfriend. Some people from Birmingham or another city are emotionally evolved, accepting open relationships. Who has never dreamed of having a girlfriend who understands the partner’s need to meet someone else? Or, otherwise, many women want a man who would allow his fiancee or his wife to meet other gentlemen. Undoubtedly, several couples who have no boundaries seek the perfection of an open relationship. Undoubtedly, many couples today have no limits and explore the fulfilment of an open relationship.

So, girls who are lucky enough to have an open-minded partner will be able to start practising escort work in Birmingham without this profession affecting their romantic relationship. Open relationships are couples in which the members have a free spirit and in which jealousy is a weapon they can use in favour of love and not against their relationship. This kind of jealousy is hard to imagine for ordinary couples. Still, for open couples, it strengthens their connection, and the bond between the members of the relationship becomes more and more intense.

The benefits of open relationships are many, but in practice, it is reduced to a better understanding in couples and a consensual way between the two to continue the exploration of dating with other people, without affecting their love. Therefore, the most important thing is that the two agree and that they like to meet new people. Therefore, this consent to meet several other people is not only an ideal way to increase the attraction in the couple but also the key to start working as an escort without the couple breaking up. Even at Fantasy Birmingham Agency, there are one or two girls who are already involved in a relationship and have a boyfriend. In conclusion, when you become a female companion, you can have a boyfriend. Or you can’t have it; it all depends on your decision.