When looking for escorts, there are good and diversified offers, because multiple agencies provide quality services in this area. One of the methods used for the promotion of escort agencies is advertising in quality directories such as, for example, Punterlink, Vivastreet, PTMU and more. Also, many companies that offer elite escorts have their website, that present the proposal in detail. For example, our Fantasy agency utilises both methods.

In escort directories ( Punterlink, Vivastreet, etc. ) you’ll find offers from escort agencies, but also from other cities and areas of the West Midlands. It may seem surprising that we promote here for free, even if in a generalised way, other escort agencies, but we are convinced that we do the right thing. We want transparency and competition, that help increases quality, but also contribute to lower prices, both cases being for customers, for whom we have great respect.

In these directories, you will be able to make comparisons of offers and prices, and usually, these lists of escorts provide a link to the websites of companies. Some of these directories offer customised search options for companions but also shows offers of unverified escorts. In this way, you will be able to make the most advantageous and the right choice, both for your pocket and for your needs and wishes.

So, returning to the title question, how best to proceed when looking escorts? It is better to look at Punterlink, Vivastreet, PTMU or is better to look at an escort agency website? The correct answer is somewhere in between.

It is advisable to seek offers in such directories of high quality, with rich content and many offers, then when you find a girl you like, study also the website of a company that mediates the services of the chosen escort. On the websites of those agencies, you will see the complete offer, all escorts that are available on that team, and more photos at high resolution, characteristics, skills, description, sizes, nationality, something about the personality of the girl, special offers or even affordable escorts.

If you find a website that you like, you can save this site to your Favourites, in your web browser, to easily return to it in future. For example, in the case of our escorts agency, we offer a gallery with all of these functions, as well with all our escorts. I hope we were a little help, we wish you a secure reservation and fun!