It is usual for clients to worry about how the agency handles their contact details, especially as their phone number, address, and real name are sensitive data in the internet age. But Birmingham’s top escort agencies operate on the principle of privacy, especially when it comes to customer and ladies’ data. An agency that does not respect this confidentiality will close its doors in the first year of activity. But a company with an excellent reputation and expertise already knows this. In the case of an agency like Fantasy, there is no point in asking if your data will be saved or whether it will be passed on to third parties.

Why? Because immediately after the meeting is over and the girl is back safely, your phone number is deleted, as well as your address and name are permanently deleted. Also, you will not receive calls or advertising through your phone number because of us. We do this because people who book these services never want their data linked to the request via such an agency. In addition, we know that anyone who trusts a service provider’s promise of confidentiality should be able to rely on it, and that doesn’t just apply to the female Birmingham escort sector.

However, data protection on the Internet is a topic that can be encountered regularly even by industry giants and other vendors. But it is not only a matter of priority in protecting clients’ privacy: as an experienced escort service provider, we take the protection of your data very seriously. We treat your data confidentially and follow legal data protection regulations and our privacy policy.

Use of the Fantasy Birmingham website is possible without providing personal data or registering. Data such as accessed pages, dates and times are stored on the server for statistical purposes, without this data being directly related to your name, phone number or address. In some cases, personal data (in our case, only an email address provided by you) is collected on our website. But this is ALWAYS done VOLUNTARILY for purely technical reasons only if you want to become a PREMIUM member (if you’re going to create a premium account on the website). This data will not be passed on to third parties, including escort ladies, and your account may be deleted at any time (and of course, we automatically delete the registration of your email from our database) by request sent by you from the email with which you created the account.

We have always offered active, open and reliable communication through receptionists with expertise. When it comes to communication, our advisors always focus on protecting the privacy of the client and the privacy of girls who work with us in Birmingham and all other areas. This means that we never contact you arbitrarily. Also, the ladies featured on the website offer and expected privacy. All employees of the agency and the ladies are obliged to keep the secret about your data, which will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used by us only to communicate with you about your reservation and only until the end of the meeting. The client also undertakes to protect his or her data, never to contact the escort directly (nor exchange contact details), but to establish each contact exclusively through our agency.

That’s why every model works under a pseudonym, and many girls prefer to hide their faces. In addition, we know that many regular customers have a prepaid phone number just for contact with agencies or with self-promoted ladies, as well as a dedicated email address for these Birmingham escort services. Of course, these are somewhat more complex methods, especially since reputable agencies never provide your contact details to the lady you booked. But if it makes you feel better, it’s your choice.