There’s nothing more exhilarating than an evening with a vibrant escort who knows how to entertain, and the dazzling Celine personifies just that! At the prime age of 31, this European enchantress revels in the recognition her striking beauty earns her. Standing at an enticing 5ft4, with a sculpted size 10-12 frame, shimmering blonde tresses, mesmerizing brown eyes, radiant skin, and a stunningly full 36DD chest, Celine embodies all your fantasies and beyond. Her effervescent spirit brightens any atmosphere, marking her as a remarkable presence in the West Midlands escort scene.

Celine brims with allure, romance, and audacity, her passion ignited by meeting fresh faces and tackling novel experiences. She takes pride in her prowess, striving relentlessly to uphold her unblemished reputation. As one of Birmingham’s most coveted companions, anticipate a thrilling evening filled with mirth, merriment, and lighthearted antics. With Celine around, tedium is but a foreign concept. This captivating, articulate, and erudite lady from Fantasy Birmingham escorts showcases a multifaceted personality that can adapt to any scenario presented.

Whether you choose a serene hour of bliss or a magical evening of enchantment, your rendezvous with Celine promises a carnal journey. This siren possesses an insatiable desire for all things pleasurable. Celine’s passion for her craft is evident – her commitment to forging connections with her partners assures an enthralling escapade offered without judgement.

Celine’s appeal is her versatility. She’s as comfortable discussing Proust over a glass of Cabernet as she is laughing at your jokes in the pub over a pint. This dynamic chameleon changes her demeanor based on the wants and whims of her company. For the art aficionado, she’s the intelligent critic, her critiques sharp and insightful. For the food enthusiast, she’s the discerning epicure, her palate refined and adventurous. And for the gentleman who simply seeks a haven of tranquility and companionship, she’s the attentive listener, her empathy pure and genuine.

For those who crave an unrushed, immersive encounter, Celine brings an unfathomable depth of sentiment. Her allure lies in her sophisticated intellect, delicate wit, and warmth that shines through her every word and gesture. Her eyes are expressive, giving away her authentic interest in your stories and adventures. She’s more than an escort – she’s a confidante, a soulmate, and an accomplice in your pursuit of happiness.

With every fleeting moment spent with Celine, one thing becomes apparent – she is not a woman who offers mere physical companionship. Instead, she extends an experience, one that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary. Her vivacity and charm coupled with her genuine devotion to providing the utmost satisfaction make every interaction a spectacle to remember.

Celine invites you into a world where sensuality meets intellect, where laughter is abundant, and where genuine connections blossom. She’s not just a lady from Fantasy Birmingham escorts – she’s your escape, your oasis, and your seductress. Brace yourself for a compelling experience with this compelling woman who blends passion with elegance, charm with vivacity, and conversation with connection. Her company is indeed a luxury worth indulging in.

With Celine’s broad-minded approach, rest assured that a meeting with her promises a genuinely high-class encounter. This temptress harbors a wealth of understanding, making her the ideal choice if you yearn to unwind with an exquisite escort who revels in pleasing and teasing. Allow this siren to introduce you to experiences you never knew you were missing. Reach out to our confidential 24-hour helpline to converse with our congenial receptionists. The quintessential girlfriend experience is within your grasp!

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    Cup size36DD

    Dress size10-12


    Nationality European



    30 Minutes Incall Birmingham£ 80

    1 Hour Incall Birmingham£ 140

    1 Hour Outcall£ 150

    Extra Hour Incall/Outcall£ 130

    30 Minutes Extra Incall/Outcall£ 80

    Dinner Date ( 3 hours )£ 350

    5 Hours£ 580

    Overnight ( 10 hours )£ 900

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    Very sweet , intelligent , gorgeous and incredibly beautiful lady. Thank you for a wonderful evening, Celine! Hope to see you again soon
    Thanks Fantasy for recommending this gem