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Michelle is a beautiful girl, has 27 years and can offer girlfriend experience and satisfaction at the best levels. With red hair and brown eyes, she is one of the girls that you rarely meet them in the real world. Perhaps most important is her origin, being born in the UK, an asset that helps you feel at ease.

Michelle is a unique and vivacious escort, but full of romance and strength of character that will fascinate you from the start. Her body full of desire and her smooth skin immediately reveals the lovely 34D cup. With a height of 5ft5, she knows how to wear size 8-10 dresses that highlight the voluptuous curves.

With much enthusiasm, Michelle loves to experience new things, being a captivating mix of beauty, desire and elegance. If you want something out of the ordinary, then book this girl in West Midlands between the hours 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. You will make a difference!

The term ‘buxom beauty’ may be an overused one these days but it most certainly applies to the lovely Michelle. As she says herself, she is not only a pleasure to behold but also a great companion and a very friendly lady. Michelle hails from Europe and fell in love with escorting the very first moment that she arrived to our agency. Although many girls head straight for London and never leave, Michelle wanted to do things a little differently and says that she is very pleased and decided to settle in our city and she loves the down-to-earth, honest nature of the people she has met during her time here.

Whether you are planning a quiet night in or a wild night out, Michelle will be happy to be by your side. A beautiful, intelligent girl with a desire to make people happy, she has far more to recommend her than just her obvious (and very attractive!) physical attributes. Michelle is the type of girl who can hold an in-depth discussion on almost any topic and behave like a lady when in public but behind closed doors, she has a naughty streak that everybody who meets her absolutely adores.

Whether you would like to spend an hour or two in her company or arrange an overnight stay to give you time to get to know each other really, we are sure that you will not regret your decision to pick her for your date.

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Busty GFE girl







Cup size:34D

Dres size:8-10


Nationality: British, United Kingdom




1 Hour:£ 140

Extra Hours:£ 130

90 Minutes:£ 220

Dinner Date:£ 350

5 Hours:£ 580

Overnight:£ 900


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3 Reviews on "Michelle"

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Michelle is a most beautiful young woman who has the most engaging personality. She was also the most sexy woman I have ever met and she met my every need.

Marko J

I simply love her! Thank you Fantasy Escorts for booking each and every time this lovely lady for me x I would always suggest using this agency!


PLEASE spare just 2 mins and read all of this review its long but I guarantee you will book Michelle after reading it. You do not want to miss out on this beautifull lady.

I booked Michelle for an hour at very short notice tonight and I’m actually still trying to catch my breath while I’m writing this review. She was unbelievable, to the point I feel I just have to give a review and please believe me when I say I’ve been using the services of agencies for well over 10 years not just this one but many all over the Midlands and beyond and have spent a lot in the last 6 months alone and seen many great ladies but have never spared the time to write a review before as to be honest I’ve never been bothered too, but now I know it’s because I’ve never met Michelle before and I just have to as I carnt believe I have overlooked her all this time and not booked before. I only hope this review is read so nobody else overlooks her like I did.

Michelle Arrived within 40 minutes of me booking her.

Her pictures on here are stunning but honestly in person she’s even better and I’ve never been able to say that before.

When I first laid eyes on her she was breathtaking. She smiled at me and took my hand to introduce herself, now I’m no novice with the services of an agency but she made my heart race and a nervousness excitement feeling came over me, a feeling I’ve not had since my first experience with an escort over 10 years ago. From the moment she walked in I felt at ease she was well dressed looking very sexy but at the same time sophisticated.

Like I say I’ve seen lots of girls and I can easily say that Michelle is by far the best I’ve met, and not just because she is absolutely stunning and very skilled, but because of how genuine, freindly and an all round pleasure to talk to. I really cannot recommend her enough.

Every aspect of her was perfect from her elegance to the way she complimented me.

She not only made me feel at ease, relaxed and generally good about myself but I felt genuinely privileged to have her in my presence. She is everything you would want from not only a professional escort with unbelievable skills but a Woman that knows how to dress, engage in conversation and make you feel like you want to just book her up for the week right there and then.

No proposals just yet mind I like my life style the way it is lol – but she prob would have the power to turn me

Unfortunately I could only book for an hour this time as I had time constraints however I will be booking her again and again and have finally found my regular that I’m certainly going to now enquire if she would be free for me too book her for a full week so I can enjoy her presence in a more none time constrainted way as I have a feeling there’s even more to this lady and I want to experience it.

In the hour we chatted for a while and we had a drink and a cigarette

she offered me one of hers when it’s usually the other way around

After a while she elegantly slipped of her long black dress that revealed her toned curvy body Wow, she has amazing breasts and yep all real.

She was was wearing her sexy high heels still sexy stockings and black velvet feel underwear We kissed for a while she is an amazing passionate kisser.

Now usually I would take control and would have ravished the lady by now but I was enjoying her touches and passion far too much not to mention how sexy she looked in her underwear.

She is certainly a fashion savy woman and really does know how to dress to impress.

Cut a long story short as you should be on the phone right now booking her instead of reading this, after all sorts, we decided to take it to the bedroom. What a woman she loves to be pleased as much as she loves to please she peaked twice and yes it was no fake,

I can easily tell When a woman peaks with my experience of booking

Her eyes looking at me were unreal giving me a sexy, dirty but passionate look, her movements as she shows how much she is enjoying it as well as you is contagious and you instantly fall into a deep passionate state.

Offcourse she certainly also has a hot dirty side to her as well as all the passion she emulates. And I cannot wait to experience more of that side when I see her again.

Cannot wait to book again and will do as early as tomorrow but for a lot longer this time.

If I were to sum Michelle up in just 5 words it would be:


However I could be here all day listing her qualities.