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Amira is the urban muse of Birmingham’s lively streets: her skin is a canvas half-covered in intricate tattoos, a visible testament to her journey and stories etched in ink. Each tattoo a chapter, not written but artistically rendered, portraying battles won, lessons learned, and beauty embraced. This artwork is not hidden but proudly displayed, a declaration of her identity and the personal history she carries. At 5ft 6, she navigates the cityscape with a grace that turns the mundane into the magical. With every step, Amira transforms the grey city into her personal theatre, her movements a silent melody that resonates with those attuned to the beauty in the everyday.

Wafts of Narciso Rodriguez follow her, leaving a trail of olfactory elegance: this perfume mingles with the city air, crafting an atmosphere that’s distinctly hers. Her palate tells its own tale—wine and prosecco, beverages that speak of her taste for life’s finer textures. Whether it’s the rich depth of a merlot or the bubbly cheer of a prosecco, Amira sips from the cup of life with a discerning appreciation for the moments that make memories linger. House music, with its pulsating beats and rhythmic foundations, scores the soundtrack of her life. It’s not just background noise; it’s the heartbeat of her environment, syncing perfectly with her internal rhythm and the external chaos of the city around her. Amira doesn’t just listen to music; she feels it, lives it, uses it to color her world in vibrant auditory hues.

Conversational English peppered with the nuances of her European heritage, Amira communicates in a melody that’s both inviting and intriguing. Her words may not always be perfect, but their sincerity speaks volumes, making connections that transcend mere linguistic precision. A curl of smoke, a casual exhale—Amira’s smoking is as much a part of her persona as her perfume. Though college-educated, Amira’s real schooling has come from the world itself. Every interaction a lesson, every experience a lecture. Her education is not flaunted but woven seamlessly into her interactions, her understanding of the world profound yet unpretentious. In her company, one finds not an experience but an aventure—a journey through a living story where every moment is a scene and every glance a picture. In her presence, the city finds a voice, a beat, and most importantly, a heart.


Urban muse Rating






Cup size36C

Dress size10


TattoosHalf body



Education levelCollege

Favourite MusicHouse

Favourite DrinkWine & Prosecco

Favourite PerfumeNarciso Rodriguez

English LevelConversational

Nationality European



1 Hour Incall Birmingham£ 140

1 Hour Outcall£ 150

Extra Hour Incall/Outcall£ 130

30 Minutes Extra Incall/Outcall£ 80

Dinner Date ( 3 hours )£ 350

5 Hours£ 580

Overnight ( 10 hours )£ 1200

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0746 260 25 93
0746 098 50 52
0787 832 31 57


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