Lady Dior presents herself as a remarkable figure but Fantasy Escorts Birmingham introduces her as a companion of high caliber, appreciated not just for her striking appearance but also for her articulate and knowledgeable interactions.

Lady Dior, at the age of 32, carries with her the poise and wisdom of someone who has fully embraced her years, turning each experience into a stepping stone towards personal refinement. Her hair is styled in a balayage that softens her features and complements the kaleidoscope of hazel hues in her eyes, eyes that reflect a curiosity and zest for life that is as engaging as it is infectious.

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches, she holds herself with a natural confidence that is both understated and compelling. Her style choices mirror her personality—sophisticated and meticulously put-together, with a keen eye for detail and a nod to the latest fashion trends. Her attire, always impeccable, suggests a woman who respects the occasion and understands the visual harmony of style and substance.

Educated to university level, Lady Dior is as comfortable discussing the intricacies of literature as she is in debating the finer points of contemporary issues. Her well-rounded education serves not only as an emblem of her intelligence but also as a tool that enriches her conversations, making time spent in her company not only enjoyable but also enlightening.

Her choice of the “Lost Girsl” as a favourite is telling of her affinity for stories that explore themes of identity and finding one’s path in a complex world—much like her own journey of cultural and self-discovery, being of British-Hungarian descent. This blend of heritage enriches her personality with a unique perspective that she brings into her interactions, celebrating a rich cultural tapestry that influences her worldview and the stories she shares.

When it comes to her preferences in beverages, Prosecco indicates a taste for the classic and timeless, celebrating moments with a touch of luxury that never seems out of place, whether in a quiet, personal gathering or a larger, more festive occasion. Her choice of Roja perfume hints at a preference for exquisite, crafted fragrances that are as complex and nuanced as her own personality.

Her linguistic prowess not only facilitates communication but also enhances her ability to connect with those from diverse backgrounds, making her an ideal companion for those looking for meaningful and engaging company. Lady Dior exemplifies the quality and elegance that the agency stands for. Her role is multifaceted—as a guide to the city’s cultural treasures, a conversational partner who brings depth to discussions, and a dignified presence that enriches the experiences of those she accompanies. In a world where the pace of life hastens every day, Lady Dior offers a chance to slow down, appreciate the moment, and rediscover the art of conversation and genuine connection.




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    £200 GFE PerfectionRating






    Cup size34FF

    Bust TypeEnhanced

    Dress size8



    Education levelUniversity

    Favourite MovieLost girl

    Favourite DrinkProsecco

    Favourite PerfumeRoja

    English LevelFluent

    Nationality British, Hungarian



    1 Hour Incall BirminghamFrom £200

    1 Hour OutcallFrom £200

    Extra Hour Incall/Outcall£180

    30 Minutes Extra Incall/OutcallNone

    Dinner Date ( 3 hours )Check with reception

    5 HoursCheck with reception

    Overnight ( 10 hours )£2000

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    0746 260 25 93


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    What a beautiful, charming and captivating lady is Dior. The full package of looks and intelligence

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    I’m absolutely speechless, Her pictures do not do her justice. I can’t speak more highly of this lady, the best Escort in Birmingham out of all the agencies by far. She’s Exquisite, Elegant, Attractive, slim model figure, long legs, the most perfect smile. Very welcoming, easy-going, accommodating and certainly knows how to please in every aspect. Highly recommended 100/10 X