Whether it’s in an office or a business meeting, beautiful women get all more easily, according to a new study that shows that beauty can cancel the brain’s ability to respond objectively. The reaction is linked to a subconscious competitiveness trait which originated in male development.

During the research, 23 men were asked to look at pictures of 500 women. Another group of people has divided women into two categories: attractive and unattractive.

Men have played with some of the women from photos a computer game. The game requires them to decide if they share a small amount of money. Meanwhile, researchers studied the brain waves and reaction time.

The study showed that men were more inclined to do bad business with lovely women. They accepted the offers much faster from attractive women, were thought more time to receive offers from ugly women. Brain analysis showed, however, that men were more attentive to all disadvantageous offers when proposals were proposed by an unattractive woman and felt rewarded when she was attractive.

We are inclined to be helpful to interesting people, even when the prospect of a reward, such as a meeting with that person, don’t exist?

This demonstrates that our motivation to be a good girl to attractive people is not based on a conscious decision to maximise our benefits.

Other studies. Previously conducted, showed that a beautiful face can always bring advantages. At a business meeting, if you arrive accompanied by a cute girl, the chance of a deal is much higher.

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