We want to announce that we have added new voucher codes, valid for reservations through our agency. As you know, the Fantasy agency offers for premium members additional discounts based on coupon codes. These codes are displayed only for premium members ( you can become a premium member for free), hidden for normal visitors in various articles, profiles or pages, but visible for premium members.

All you have to do is to be logged into your premium account and find these pages from our website. When you book an escort in Birmingham, West Midlands or in any other region or town, please tell this voucher code and our receptionist will reduce the price. Thank you because you are a premium member of our agency, and if you’re not, go ahead! In 5 minutes you can become a premium member for free and you will be able to enjoy these voucher codes, but also other advantages, such as pictures and videos of escorts, content visible only for premium members!