One of the girls who has been collaborating with the Fantasy agency for many years sent us tips that she would share with her colleagues. Below you will find these tips of this companion who has over 15 years of expertise in this profession.

“Hi there. Often, various Birmingham escorts with more or less expertise ask me for advice in various aspects of this profession. It has always been fascinating for me to offer advice to these girls so that they know how to act in every situation. From my point of view, even though I have many years of expertise in this industry as a female companion, I cannot say that I know every aspect of this profession. But I know every basic element so that I can help other girls. Such answers are necessary, even if you are already discreet, elegant, cultured, speak several languages ​​and know how to outline a charming smile.

My first advice is always to follow the rules of your physical and mental safety. Decide your limits and respect them, no matter how many donations you receive or how desperate you are. Of course, don’t become paranoid. Remember that being paranoid is almost as bad as what makes you paranoid. Besides, you have to accept that you will probably spend a third of your life working, and if you do not like this profession, you will waste your life. So, I advise you to become an escort in Birmingham or any other city only if you like to socialize often and intensely.

You need to know that the people who use the services of a female companion are no different from the people we meet in our daily lives, including our friends, colleagues and partners. Your customers are not your masters. You choose what you like to do and what you don’t like. No one can command you. No one can turn you into a victim unless you allow them to. If you think you are in danger, interrupt the meeting immediately. Nothing is more important than your safety. This is the healthy thinking of a professional escort.

Another secret is to be yourself. If you don’t like the idea, look for another way of life. You don’t have to pretend that you like being an escort. There are other trades for you, Birmingham is a huge metropolis with endless possibilities. Also, don’t think that this job is just about making money because there are a lot of expenses and bills to pay. Whether you promote independently or in collaboration with an agency, in any situation, it costs money and means responsibilities.

Do not live with the illusion that rich and successful men will hire you for a long time. They like the diversity and the future date will probably hire another girl. So don’t live with the impression that if you have found a rich client, you have a guaranteed income for a long time. Of course, as you get older, you will discover other options to work. In any case, the escort industry in Birmingham or any other city in the UK attracts people who like to offer, who prefer to be independent financial and have fun.

But at the same time be aware that it is an adamant game, because of the competition: thousands of other girls fight for the same customers. So either you offer quality service, or you better work as a saleswoman. It’s not a job for everyone. Also, the fact that you can earn more money in one day than your partner in a week can seriously affect your relationship. Your relationship with your friend is the same as your relationship with your customers: If you respect your customer, your customer will respect you. If you think your client is an animal and you treat him as such, he is very likely to behave like an animal. The same situation will be in your relationship with your boyfriend.

Give yourself a reasonable working week. If you work 7 days a week, this is all your time, and you will be tired in a few years. Take care of your appearance, take a shower daily or even more often, dress well, and you will feel good. Remember, being a Birmingham escort is part of the fantasy. Start being yourself, then play any required role, then return to being yourself. This will make your performance much more fun. It’s okay to have fun and enjoy yourself. In any case, remember, you are in control. As a companion, know your limits and don’t drink too much. If things don’t go well with a client, forget about money, stay calm and kind.

There are good and bad escort agencies. Unfortunately, it is a matter of trial and error. If you have found an agency in Birmingham or another city, a company with which you collaborate well and with which you respect each other, do not try to find another agency, there is definitely your place. Make sure you have a friend who knows what you are doing and supports you. In the end, it’s just you and your intuition: trust yourself and your intuition, they will always protect you!”