Thanks to the lady who sent us this story and these opinions. We can’t reveal her name, but she is one of the girls who work through Fantasy Escorts Birmingham:

“Hello! Thank you for reading my opinion. First of all, Birmingham escorts are women like any other, but these ladies meet a lot of people and have more fun than ordinary women. But this concept is not clear to everyone. There is a lot of curiosity about our profession. Personal life is also a taboo subject. Want to know what a female companion’s life is like? I am eager to reveal the truth. If you feel the need to know, just read below.

So how does an escort’s personal life combine with work? Most readers interested in this topic are women. Many are researching because they are interested in doing this job. But they naturally have doubts. And they do not know anyone close to ask what the life of a luxury companion is like, especially since many girls prefer not to let friends or relatives know that she is interested in offering such services. The natural question follows: what is the life of an escort like? And I didn’t have anyone to explain it to me. So I find it interesting to provide some information here about the personal life of a female companion.

I’ve been a escort for five years. I was still a college student in Birmingham when I first considered being a female companion. I paid for my career and lived drowned with so many expenses. I combined my studies with a part-time job. But I didn’t make enough money. But I’ve heard rumours that I can make a lot of money if I’m a lady companion and now I know I wasn’t wrong.

The personal life of an escort becomes different. I wondered if I would reveal it to my parents or close friends. Or if, on the contrary, everything will be secret. I recommend that this decision be the first thing you do if you intend to be a female companion. I decided not to tell anyone.

I was an escort in Birmingham and a student for a few months and I exploited the role of university student to attract customers. I dropped out of school when I started making a lot of money. Being a female companion every day is an effort. This job requires you to spend many hours with different men, especially if you like to live very well and have significant expenses, as is my case. But I have to say: I enjoy being with other gentlemen and that’s the best part of my job!

What is the most requested thing in the daily life of an escort? Clients will feel the magic of being with a female companion only if you meet specific requirements of quality, confidentiality and social skills. So you have to invest in having the right image and managing an excellent cultural level. In the personal life of a escort, one of the most common services is to accompany the clients. That’s why it’s so important to look stylish and work on manners.

One of the sacrifices we have to make is always to be ready to meet someone. We usually do these types of meetings with advance booking. But keep in mind that men who ask to be accompanied are generally businessmen from Birmingham and other cities. They always have little free time. And sometimes the events that occur are at the last minute. So, in terms of the life of an escort, it is preferable always to be ready.

The daily life of a female companion is unpredictable. You can be at a party with a man or spend the whole day having fun with different gentlemen. Or you suddenly have a relaxing day because you haven’t received any requests. Many of the gentlemen you meet are married. They don’t try to stay too long. Some want romance because the wife is no longer romantic. It usually requires outstanding services and does not require much time.

I also meet clients with special requests. This happens a lot in the personal life of an escort. Men with “special” preferences often reserve me. In this way, they can more easily satisfy their desires.

Privacy is better with an agency. Based on my own experience, I can say that if you are a high-class a female companion who wants more clients, it is better to work with an agency. I have been working with Fantasy Escorts Birmingham for a long time. I’ve tried to take care of myself before, but it was chaos. I didn’t meet the right customers, and I didn’t feel safe at all. Besides, joining this agency, I do not have to explain that I am a female companion. My colleagues already know this because they are dedicated to the same services. So I feel supported. and I can share my experiences or ask them questions.”

Thank you for your opinion, dear Fantasy lady. We are waiting for similar messages from other ladies promoted in our escort gallery.