Earlier this year I divorced. After six long months when I was alone, I felt like exploding. Already I felt like a man whose forehead wrote that they are alone and lost.

I work at an insurance agency, with many colleagues. One is a stunning brunette who drives me crazy every time. It raven black hair and green eyes and sensual lips make me melt. Unfortunately, the girl is a lesbian.

I know a sexy bartender in a pub in my neighbourhood. Is blonde with blue eyes and looks pretty one, though working in an environment where has to contact with many people. It seemed my perfect target, but it appears that I am not successful. The bartender is not looking for a boyfriend.

And I still feel very lonely, so I finally decided to meet an escort. I took my laptop to bed, and I searched the internet for “escorts”. I was surprised that I found some escorts agency, and finally, I stopped at Fantasy Escort agency, where I liked most girls.

The images were excellent, and the girls were gorgeous, and one escort jumped me in the eye. It was exactly my ideal woman. Why I waited so long? I could not sleep that night because of impatience.

The next day I called the escorts agency and received an offer of 140 pounds per hour, an offer which was excellent, considering how beautiful was the escort. I requested that such companion comes to my house at 20:00. Then I took a shower and I Waiting.

With an English punctuality, escort arrived exactly at 8 pm. I was surprised to see that in reality looks ten times better than in pictures. The hair was curled, fleshy lips, breasts exactly as I like. He had a perfect body and a look that softened my feet.

She saw my emotion and asked directly:
– Hi, can I come in?
– Yes, of course, I said a little stutter.
– You’re a very attractive man. I will be happy to spend time with you.

Her remark has annihilated my emotions. She realised that she was the first escort of my life, but she knew how to handle the situation with professionalism and to give me confidence that I lost. I was a man again.