I have read various news, comments, I have seen various movies about these companions, I have talked to people about this topic. After a while, I noticed that escorts occupy a special place in society not by what they should be, but by what some do not find in them. A lot of people talk about companions trivially. Others, on the contrary, consider that these ladies are a mystery, not a human being. And so, an extraordinary woman is treated as a doctoral thesis of life. Like a world to discover. Not to be loved.

Treating the escort as an object, people forget that, in fact, she is also made of flesh, blood, bones and soul, that a beautiful companion has a heart that she often fills with small things, small and seemingly worthless. But she stops at them. She feels them and gathers them in the soul. An escort is a woman with a heart with expectations, with dedication, with dreams, with fulfilment, with betrayal and love, with delusions and worries. For a companion, her satisfaction is not necessary. For her, the joy of other people matters.

But because human society is applying different false labels, sometimes an escort becomes something else. And then, from that moment, even though this lady was all that I wrote above, suddenly this companion becomes something else. She has the right to change her personality, to manipulate and to pretend.

She can hope, but to fulfil her dreams, she has to rely on herself. Often, some companions become superficial because this is how society has shaped them. The society has modelled them into plastic beings, with angelic faces, with no soul. People who understand that only in this way can they find a job, stability, life, can survive in a society that is no longer heading anywhere. Do not criticise the new attitude of these low-quality ladies. It occurred at market demand.

Also, some companions are not afraid to be women, to love with all their heart. These are the most sophisticated and powerful escorts. These ladies always prevail and whenever they can start a new life. They understand that things significant, beautiful and invaluable, live in their soul, and the power of success is in their hands. They realise that they can. These escorts can because they are real women! They are not angels. They are not heroes. They are not mysteries. These companions are desires, with tears, with dedication, with expectations, with falling, with success, with understanding.

What can I say? Thanks to all customers who understand true companions life. Thanks to those who treat with respect and understanding any escort. Thanks to those who do not turn a friendly and sincere companion into a plastic doll with an angel face. You are men who deserve all the respect of all the women in the world because you are the real gentlemen!

I sign this with pride: Sandra. Sometimes, long ago, I was one of these wonderful escorts in Birmingham. Thank you if you will publish my confession.

Thank you, Sandra, you are welcome to share your views and experiences at any time. I posted with great admiration your confession.