You can meet an escort in a club, in a restaurant in Birmingham or at a concert. Sometimes, many clients prefer to meet a girl in a hotel room. Of course, these high-class ladies agree to meet you in the privacy of the four walls of your room. In this way, you will enjoy a genuine romantic date in your kingdom: your home. You will feel comfortable and ready to play in your room, a place you know very well. You will not waste time getting used to a new location; you will feel more confident and a true king.

But what can you do at home with a fun-loving girl? For example, you can cook together and have fun at the kitchen table or play a game in the living room. Of course, there are many other entertainment possibilities. The important thing is that you will enjoy every second of fun without worries because you will feel very comfortable in your own home. This feeling allows for a completely different kind of privacy than an unknown location in a hotel room. In your private setting, gorgeous girls offer entirely different opportunities to experience every moment of fun.

You will turn your home into a playground where you will enjoy exceptional escort service because it is more than a romantic date. Playful time spent together on the couch or maybe even waking up in the morning with a beautiful girl and enjoying breakfast are lovely reasons to book a lady for an outcall date in your place. As home visits become more and more popular, most Birmingham escorts naturally offer this service. Of course, some ladies accept incall visits (at lady home), but this is not always the most comfortable choice. Incalls are only a more discreet choice for those who need exaggerated privacy (for example, gentlemen who do not want a neighbour to see a beautiful girl at the client door).

Because, as a discreet escort agency, we are always concerned about the safety of ladies and clients. So, your address will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. However, indicating the address and phone number is essential for a successful meeting, where the lady you choose will feel completely comfortable and safe. And we know that you, as a stylish customer, want the same thing.

So both topics (discretion and security) are essential for our Birmingham and West Midlands service. Of course, with all the comforts of home, it is a little more complex to guarantee 100% control when the escort visits a house in a downtown location or a large apartment complex in a purely residential area. For example, a naughty neighbour behind the curtains might wonder who the unknown beauty walks down the alley to the neighbouring house in the evening. That’s why the ladies from the Fantasy agency make every effort to dress and move discreetly during a home visit. Of course, you, as a customer, know best how the lady can reach you privately because a home visit with its many possibilities is a memorable experience not to be missed.