It is much easier for gentlemen to go out in Birmingham with young escorts because they do not have the feeling that they have to take responsibility. They like to have control; it is much easier for an experienced man to coordinate a relationship with a young woman because he will know how to play his cards much better. He will be the authority; he will say what and how, the idea of submission, the need of men to dominate and the docile hypostasis of some women. Usually, older men with young girlfriends are also prosperous, successful people, and this is a magnet for some young women.

So, as is well known, many gentlemen prefer younger women. Because of this, many websites do not display the real age of escorts. For example, women aged 22-30 are presented as girls aged 18-21. However, we do not find it a fair practice, as there must be an honest relationship between the agency or website and the clients in Birmingham or another city in the UK. Even those female companions are often guilty because they declare an incorrect age. That is why, at the Fantasy Agency, we always request the presentation of the identity document, not only to verify that these women are at least 18 years old, but also that their age is correct.

It is no secret to tell you that almost a quarter of the girls applying for an escort job in Birmingham declare a false age, trying to say that they are younger. At least for Fantasy Agency, these girls are disqualified because we do not agree to work with women who are not honest. Many times when we ask for an ID, these girls refuse and no longer respond to our request. No worries, they are free to apply to another agency, which accepts the presentation of false information.

But the vast majority of Birmingham agencies are cautious and check the age of these escorts. However, the problem appears on the advertising websites: these platforms never check the age of these female companions. Women who promote themselves through those websites have the freedom to present any age. I even saw the case of a female companion that Fantasy agency refused her precisely because of the falsely declared age, who was 38 years old, and who subsequently published an announcement on such a website, stating that he is 22 years old. This lady is not a high-class companion. When meeting with the client, he will quickly notice her real age.

Of course, many older men from Birmingham prefer younger escorts. It is an upward trend of this lifestyle, even if some would invoke moral pretexts. The first criterion is related to the physical aspect because they are attracted to young, slim bodies, full of energy, which emanate force through all pores. Men feel better, more confident in themselves if their partner is more youthful. Young women are healthier. Also, they have fewer biases. They are much more open to new things, to experience. It’s easier to break up with a young woman. She will not be devastated when you want to end the relationship because she has more choices; she will soon find another lover.

All these arguments are a great temptation for Birmingham companions to show a false age. But these companions forget two essential aspects. The first bright aspect is that they will soon lose their high-class companion status. A woman who declares a false age cannot be a high-class companion. The second aspect is the fact that they lose the clients who prefer the older female companions, and these are not few, but almost half of the clients. Also, many men prefer experienced escorts, not young women who are not able to say even a smart phrase or who are not able to behave appropriately at various events.