The term “luxury escorts” is entirely redundant in Birmingham. Female companions from other small towns would not like to hear this statement too much. But in the world of companionships in our city, a luxury girl meant something else. Today we have talked with several girls from Fantasy Agency and with loyal clients. I got some interesting conclusions. That is why we will dedicate this article entirely to luxury female companions who offer pure passion. We will see what the difference between stereotype and reality is: between the description of a girl and her actual services, there are often significant discrepancies.

Many men comment on the forums about their experience with an escort. Sometimes they leave comments such as “she offers nothing like what was promised in her description“. The client expects a professional experience, but sometimes disappointment is what they will get. The passionate stereotype of certain nationalities may seem explosive to us, but not everything that has the colour of gold is necessarily gold. So the high-class stereotype you see in specific professional pictures of Birmingham female companions is just right makeup and a well-made photo.

That’s why, according to the clients we spoke to this afternoon, the real female luxury companions are the ones who offer satisfaction and exceed, in a right way, what the customers expect to receive. Passionate, beautiful, with a voluptuous body, as few others can offer in the world of the Birmingham escort industry: this is what clients are looking for. A client tells us his opinion about high-class companies: for him “they are the best. When I book an appointment with such a girl, I know she will truly provide luxury services. These women are very nice, well educated; you can count on them for any situation; they are pure sensuality“.

Very often, clients from an agency like Fantasy Escorts Birmingham are looking for exotic girls. These are customers who are tired of looking for quality in vain. The Internet is full of sites where profiles of female companions from all countries are advertised. But there are only a few top agencies that show the images of real exotic luxury companions: in this small group, the level of donations and quality go hand in hand.

According to what another regular client tells us about this type of girl, these are generally the best experiences you have when you meet an escort. “I like to book luxury girls because, in the internet research and photo viewing, you often do not know what kind of girl you will meet. There is a lot of disappointment. For example, the term luxury companion is used a lot in Birmingham, but few of these women offer the quality you expect as a client. For me, luxury means that, besides being a lovely girl, she knows how to behave, to be discreet when I need her to be discreet“.

So, to be a real luxury companion, a girl has to be the best in many ways, beauty is not the only quality needed. When a client is looking for women’s company for a trip or dinner with other people, she should avoid revealing that she is an escort. Also, when a luxury female companion is with the client, he expects high-class, good manners, cleanliness, because he must make a good impression in the minds of his friends. But a companion does not meet clients only at parties and business meetings; often, the client wants to be alone with the lady, to enjoy the company of a woman with excellent conversational skills. So these are the reasons why everyone in Birmingham or other cities likes and wants a date with a luxury female companion.