… but with some limits.

Women often feel the need to keep certain things secret. The rule also applies to men. Gentlemen have some fantasies, and a companion can ask for details about them to fulfil them. But the escorts should avoid asking a client about certain aspects of his life. So this is a small guide for ladies working in this industry.

The number of women in their lives is one of the main secrets of men. Even if they talk about the women they met, they will never really say what the number of these ladies is. That’s why an elite companion will avoid such a question. Perhaps in the life of that man, there were many women, maybe there were very few or only one lady. In any case, it’s an embarrassing question. Imagine how it would be to ask you how many clients you had in your life.

Do not ask for the customer’s phone number. Even if you have met that client many times and felt that there is a friendship between you and that man, inevitably the conversation comes to ways of contact. Most people avoid disclosing their data, and the phone number is one of them. Maybe he does not want your call because he does not want to risk. Maybe he does not want other people to know about his secret life. How would you feel if you are for example at a dinner with your friends, and a client would call you?

Do not check the phonebook and SMS messages in the client’s phone. It is known and verified that men do not like women to check their phone. It does not matter that the customer has something or not to feel guilty about, but simply have the impression that their privacy is invaded. The phone book is therefore strictly confidential and would be a proof of total lack of professionalism if you invade this privacy, even if the client agrees with it.

We must recognise that there are also sensitive men. Some are afraid of insects, others of deep waters or darkness. It ‘s hard or even impossible for them to accept this and prefer to keep them secret. So avoid asking a man about such phobias.

Do not ask the client about the experiences with their friends. Amongst the great passions of men are the strip clubs. Many men have the so-called “boys’ evening”, in which they get out and feel good. What happens behind the closed doors of the clubs should never reach the ears of other people, even if they are escorts from Birmingham or other cities.

Do not ask a customer how he’s having fun when is alone at home. Better ask him what desires he has and what hobbies he prefers. Ask him what the music listens to and more than anything, ask him how he wants to have fun with you tonight.