This article is dedicated to girls who offer escort services. We try to find the answer to the next question: is better to be an independent escort or it’s better to work independently through an agency? Even if we are a company, we try to provide a correct answer, based on our experience gained in many years of activity and opinions of escorts who previously provided services on their own.

To be a professional escort, several elements are required. Being an industry based on image, appearance and a beautiful face in needed in the first round. Even if cosmetic surgery can help, it should not be exaggerated, but a balance must be kept as natural beauty is important. Also, the physical traits of your body should be well balanced. We understand that there may be gentlemen to like a fat woman, but today they are exceptions and will not help you become a successful escort. So, we recommend either practice a sport regularly, to have a beautiful body.

It is also necessary how to socialise, especially manners, needed for example for a romantic dinner, but also to impress clients. You need to have an open mind and a pleasant, cheerful or romantic personality. You have to speak English at an acceptable level for excellent communication. Also, you must have your style, to provide elegant behaviour. Of course, you must have talent and vocation for the industry, but also to give proof of integrity, common sense and confidentiality. If you follow all these rules, then you are a professional escort. Now you need to decide: you will provide services independently or through escort agencies in Birmingham or another city? We will try to briefly list the advantages and disadvantages of each of these possibilities.

Independent escort


– You can set the value of the donation
– You can choose your work schedule
– You can select customers
– You have total control over the days when you want to provide services


– You have to pay for promotion (a website, advertising) or to publish daily a few free ads on directories, usually without success in finding customers
– You must negotiate with customers
– Must pay a taxi for outcall service
– No security provided

independently through an escort agency


– The company pays instant promotion, extensively marketing through premium ads, you receive a professional profile on the agency’s website, you pay nothing in this regard.
– Get much more jobs and better donations
– Full security
– Agency gets customers for you
– The agency has a receptionist who arranges dates for you
– Some escort agencies offer photo and video shooting for free.


– You must respect the donations set by the agency, quality and confidentiality rules and the work program
– You have to pay a percentage of donation for marketing purpose
– You cannot display in your profile images that are not made recently or unverified images
– Usually, you cannot work on two or more companies simultaneously

In conclusion, the choice is yours. But for Fantasy, all the girls are independent. You choose the level of donations and work schedule. We only promote your services. So you get the best of each, being an independent escort that is promoted through the agency. So if you decided to work through a professional agency, you can use the form HERE to apply.