Maybe some people think that an escort website in Birmingham or another city is a dating platform. Even though there are many similarities, the two systems are not the same. The main difference is that meetings are free of charge via dating platforms, but they do not assure that the images are real, do not even ensure the confidentiality of the meeting, which remains the choice of the partners. Of course, there are dating sites that require the payment of a monthly subscription for membership, which is a masked payment form for arranging a possible meeting.

On the other hand, escort agencies do not require the payment of a monthly subscription (of course, there are rare exceptions), but these companies guarantee confidentiality, a successful meeting that will meet the client’s needs as well as check the images presented. All this, plus travelling and marketing expenses, is the engine of an agency, fueled by a fee based on the duration of the reservation.

In both cases, these platforms are general, presenting both local people and individuals from other regions and even other countries. In any case, both forms of the websites are looking for financial gains, some through the advertisements displayed to visitors or through the monthly fee, and others directly from customers. Of course, this is normal for any business, because in both cases there are maintenance and promotion costs for platforms, paid salaries, and more.

As a result, both systems allow men and women, even couples, to meet other people. In agencies, everything is done through the company, but in the dating platforms, communication is direct between partners. In both cases, people are at least 18 years old and do everything to their free will. Communication methods are somewhat similar: in the first phase is used the internet, then chats, phone calls, messaging forms and more.

Dating sites allow an individual to publish personal data and images by creating a profile, but all these elements and information are not verified. This principle is another significant difference because escort agencies in Birmingham or other UK areas do not allow companions to create their profile directly, but this profile is done by the organisation after the necessary checks have been made.

These types of platforms have their loyal visitors, depending on their needs and the available time. Those who prefer to establish a long-term relationship and have a lot of time to go, prefer dating sites, and those who have less time but want a confidential, secure and verified meeting that offers immediate satisfaction, they will choose the website of an escort agency. If your choice is our Fantasy agency, thank you. If you like dating networks, we invite you to try at least once our agency’s arranging services to see the difference.