Many girls try to enjoy this profession, but few women become professional in this career. What are the reasons for which a girl becomes an escort? Often there are several causes (usually two reasons), not just one.

1. The first reason is certainly the chance of gaining a lot of money compared to other industries. For example, that girl is a student. Or this woman needs money for a personal project (to buy a house, a luxury car, clothes from leading manufacturers, luxury cosmetics and others). Or her hobbies include travelling abroad; these trips are not very affordable. Other ladies want to get money for their families. No matter the girl is one of the escorts in Birmingham or another city: worldwide, this advantage of money is a milestone in choosing this profession.

2. Another reason is the need for fun. Many girls love to have fun, and the escort business offers many opportunities in this regard: a companion will fully enjoy the nightlife. Not just talking about a dinner date, but also about fun at private parties or trips, the satisfaction of romantic needs and the necessity of communication and socialisation. Knowing many gentlemen or other women, these escorts in Birmingham or another area will build a strong personality. Therefore a girl who does not feel this need for entertainment is unlikely to become an elite companion.

If the escort works through an elite agency, this girl will enjoy other advantages such as privacy and security. In general, these companies provide discretion not only for customers but also for companions, according to their preferences. A girl can ask to hide her face in photos and videos (as we do in many cases at our Fantasy Escort Birmingham agency). In this way, a lady can have fun and earn money without fear of being recognised by friends or colleagues from another job (if she works during the day to another company). Also, an agency guarantees the physical and psychological safety, so it is safer and easier in this profession for this girl.

Of course, there may be other personal reasons, but these two elements (the need for money and fun, satisfied in complete safety and confidentiality) are the main reasons for choosing this profession.